Dhimmis United Against Dhimmitude: We Have Only Our Chains to Lose

The Hindu-Jewish-Christian-Buddhist Coalition against Islamic Terrorism is having a telephone conference call this evening to finalize details of their Obama Parade Rally. I urge everyone to attend or to assist in other ways e.g. write articles, take videos and photos, publicize it via the internet and in all your local media.


Below, please find the information re: the 9 pm EST time conference call. Also, please note the new rally signs which emphasize the relationship between our consumption of Saudi oil which in turn leads to the Saudi funding of terrorism.

Indeed, today I learned that the infamous media network, Al-Jazeera, will start broadcasting its Big Lies in America–and at citizen’s taxpayer expense.

I congratulate those who have had the vision to bring such a coalition into being and all those who have heeded its call.
Shalom, Greetings and Namaste.

Reminder for conference call today (Saturday), Jan 17th at 9 PM EST on Obama Parade Rally on Islamic Terrorism.

Conference Bridge Number: 219-509-8322, code: 510153
Date: Jan 17th (Sat) 2009, 9PM EST


1) Travel plans – Groups and vans leaving NJ/NY area
2) Accommodation and Food arrangements
3) Status of Placards, Banners, US Flags/Caps, Dramatizations
4) Status on Media Coverage and informing media about our event and journalists confirmed
5) Dry run of the plan starting Jan 19th night.
6) Video and Camera coverage during the event
7) Speakers during the event
8) Post rally media and Press Release.
9) Potential risks and conflicts we can expect at the rally from some islamists


Please attend and pass on to extent possible to those you know who would be interested in this activity.



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