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The Fourth (Islamist) Reich in America: "Attack" Protesters On the Move

NEWSFLASH! Reports in from San Francisco, Los Angeles, (January 2, 2009) and New York City (January 3, 2009). See below.

The war against Israel has gone global, not at the United Nations, (that’s old and terrible trouble), but at a new, grassroots level. The goon squad demonstrations against Israel that are taking place on every continent are not composed of peaceful demonstrators. The hate-Israel and hate-America protesters are essentially attackers on the march who are spoiling for a hot verbal and even hotter physical confrontation with their opponents. They mean to empty the streets of anyone with views that differ from their own.

Now, not only is Hamas launching an increasing number of rockets deeper into Israel but grassroots “attack” groups, organized by mosques, Muslim student and civil rights groups and by their left-wing allies, are on the march. They curse, they scream, their faces are contorted by rage, they make hand gestures which approximate “shooting” and “throat cutting.” After praying together in public, which they often do, these protesters become even more inflamed and ready for mob action.

How ironic, really, how tragic, that Muslims, who want us to believe that Islam is the religion of peace, would behave in such a hateful and violent way!

Oh yes. And without shame, and with great pleasure, the protestors call Jews: pigs, apes, donkeys, vermin, and faggots. They hurl curses at their far more sedate opponents. They threaten to rape their opponent’s mothers and visit a slow and painful death upon their opponents’ wives and children. They shoot their arms out in a “Seig Heil” Hitler salute. “Nuke Israel” screamed one young woman in hijab, over and over again in Ft. Lauderdale. “F–k you Jew” was also a favorite chant.

I guess that wearing hijab does not necessarily make a woman modest or kind.

By and large, the world media is watching Hamas’s back and presenting the case for terrorism, not for democracy or the rule of law. The potential menace of these mobs has flown far below the mainstream media’s radar as well.

I began writing about this kind of unleashed Nazi-like “brownshirt” behavior in 2003-2004, right after I first encountered it when I lectured on campus. What was once contained on campus, has now taken to the streets. These demonstrators are clone-versions of the speakers and organizers of the International Solidarity Movement’s annual conference, (a pro-Palestinian terrorist support group), but they are now on the march, no longer confined to a single campus; a version, perhaps, of an Islamist street mob, whipped into a frenzy by prayer, sermons, and televised propaganda that then surges out into the street, burns American and Israeli flags, kills Christian Arabs, Christian Africans, and Christian south Asians, but also lynches, rapes, and stones Muslim and Christian women to death.

Thank God for small mercies: The Jewish women are mainly gone, exiled, the Muslim lands are essentially all “judenrein.” But Israel is surrounded by enemies who think like this.

As long as we allow hate sermons to flourish in mosques and hate speech to dominate both the campus and the public square in America–the closer we are to The Fourth (Islamist) Reich in America. This ugly reality has already come to parts of Europe.

In the last few days, loud, ugly, hate-fest marches against Israel have taken place all across Europe, from England to Germany to Greece. Hate demonstrators tried to storm the Israeli Embassy in London and mocked and abused a British police officer. Allow me to focus only on Belgium.

In Antwerp, on December 30, 2008, the Arab European League organized an anti-Israel Intifada–but against Flemish Jews! First, they marched. Then, they “got completely out of hand.” After the protest disbanded the demonstrators marched towards the Jewish neighborhood in Antwerp, clashing with the police, smashing car windows, trams and buses. The police had to seal the Jewish quarter up, beef up their forces, outrun and outwit the marchers who were intent on harming or killing Jews.

To protest an alleged assault upon innocent civilians (each one hiding a Hamas operative intent upon launching rockets at innocent civilians in Israel), the Islamic-left mob assaults other innocent civilians in Antwerp. In any event, the Jews have been warned to avoid certain areas. According to Michael Freilich, of the Jewish newspaper Hodds Actueel, many Jews “don’t dare anymore to go out on the streets in the area of the demonstrators. They fear vandalism and violence.” Jews have been told to avoid the Diamond district and certain other areas.

Twenty thousand people formed mobs in at least three cities across Egypt to demonstrate against Israel; the demonstrators were mainly organized by the (banned) Muslim Brotherhood. Ten thousand Muslims marched against Israel in Indonesia. Some Iranian Jews, (there are about 30,000 still held captive by the maniacal mullahs), also demonstrated against the “Zionist” assault upon the Iranian-backed terrorist organization, Hamas. Demonstrations against Israel also took place in the Philippines. (I would have imagined demonstrations here would be against Saudi Arabia for torturing and indenturing their citizens who work in the Kingdom; I am such a dreamer). One placard in Melbourne, Australia read: “Stop the Subhuman Zionist Land grabbing Barbarian’s Mass Murder in Occupied Palestine.” (Hat tip for this to Pamela Gellar of Atlas Shrugged).

Of course, of course: In Chavez’s Venezuela, where else? The signs, in Spanish, describe what Israel is doing as a “massacre” and as “genocide.”

Anti-Israel demonstrations have taken place all across Canada and across the United States. I have previously written about such demonstrations in Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. I now have more information in about similar demonstrations in Dearborn, Michigan (there were at least 1,000 Muslims and their supporters against one lone Christian Zionist); Lexington, Kentucky (organized by CAIR, the Islamic Society of Central Kentucky, and the Kentucky Muslim Student Association); Minneapolis, Minnesota; Norfolk, Virginia; Phoenix, Arizona; and Tampa, Florida.


“My husband just called me from downtown S.F…he went to counter demonstrate against the jihadis…since there was a threat of violence we decided I shouldn’t go. When our little group (consisting of 5 middle aged people) arrived, the jihadis went berserk… The jihadis tried to storm the barricades and just about made it to our group and were trying to grab my friends when the police finally stepped in and had to escort my friends away from the street in the back of a police car! Here…in California…here in America! But of course the news will not show the jihadis foaming at the mouth and threatening to kill us…that would be “insensitive” to a religion of “peace”. I am sickened more each day. Please keep up the good work and don’t let them silence your voice!”

I won’t.


“We ended up doing two rallies on Jan 2nd. The first one at the Federal Building turned out to be a pro Israel rally as the other side never showed up! They moved their time to 4:30 pm to get into the Shabbat times, knowing the orthodox Jews could not come out.

The rally in front of the Federal Building was fantastic! We had a huge Israeli flag, that once flew over the Knesset, a sound system for chants and music, and over 500 people came out. We cheered and sang, and had hundreds of cars honking their horns. Major media was there, from Fox to CNN. It was just what the community needed, Jews,Christians, Latinos, all together showing solidarity against terrorism. Then, after a brief break to eat and warm up, we went to the Consulate to face a hostile crowd, who saluted us with the Sieg Heil, and told us we are doing things worse than the gas chambers. (I guess the fact they even acknowledge there were gas chambers is a learning curve!) Swastikas on the Israel flag, upside down American Flags, the typical signs of racism and holocaust being done by Israel. Chants saying Palestine will be free from the Jordan to the sea. One group took the Israeli flag, put it on the gound, spit on it, and lit it on fire.There were flags that had a picture of a Jew, from Der Stummer, in place of the stars on the American flag, with dollar signs over the stripes. They had star of David Flags, with blood dripping.”

A family of Arabs was walking through the area we were staged to cross the street. I had a scarf on my neck with the stripes of the flag of Israel. A child, about nine or ten, took the end of my scarf and pulled it, choking me. I tried to alert the cops, but ended up scolding the child and told him to “take his hands off of my scarf…NOW!) and he dropped it. But a scuffle started when his mother, who probably taught her young child to disrespect Jewish people, spit on a protestor near me, and started to swing at him, when a Pro Israel protestor tried to break it up with an American Flag . The cops swarmed in, and riot police, and escorted them the other side of the street.

There were many men who were provacoteurs on the opposition side. They were trying to start a fight, and egg on a response from us to get into an altercation. We, as a group, collectively decided not to let them drag us into combat. They were loud, but we got louder. When the students arrived, kids from UCI, UCLA, and Bnei Akiva, they started drumming chants on the post boxes, and were drowning out the Hamas chants. They started to sing Am Yisrael Chai, and we sang in Shabbat. It was amazing. The rally lasted for three long, cold hours.

It was like a mini battle of Gaza.

The media was there, but none choose to take pictures of the sieg heils or the swastikas. The only signs the LA Times showed were End the Occupation..what wimps.”


One eyewitness-participant estimated that between 75-100 pro-Israel counter-demonstrators and between 3,000-4,000 pro-Hamas/anti-Israel demonstrators were there.

More such hate-fest demonstrations are being planned for this weekend in New York City, (again), Boston, (again), Washington D.C., Christiansburg, Virginia, St. Petersburg, Florida, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Illinois, Lawrence, Kansas, Minneapolis, Minnesota (again), Springfield, Missouri, Youngstown, Ohio, San Francisco, (again) and Seattle, Washington.

What is important is what the signs are saying, what individual Generation Jihadist are saying to their opponents and what they are chanting. Pamela Gellar/Atlas has sent around some of the signs that will be used tomorrow in yet another protest against Israel which will start in the early afternoon on 42nd St in NYC. Every single sign is tantamount to a ‘blood libel” against the Jewish people. The signs include: “Stop the Massacre–Boycott Israel;” “Stop Israeli War Crimes;” “Stop the Genocide;” “Yes We Can! Stop the Genocide in Gaza;” “Yes We Can! Stop US Military Aid to Israel;” “Zionism=Racism;” “Israel=Apartheid South Africa.”

Israel is committing no war crimes (only Hamas is), nor is Israel committing “massacres” or “genocide” in Gaza. Finally, Israel is not an apartheid state.

What are the possible results of so many people taking to the streets, again and again, to hold up Big Lie signs and scream and chant Big Lie slogans? With help from the mainstream media, this might indoctrinate even more people. It might also frighten and demoralize some Jews and some Israelis. It might also encourage the haters to exercise more ugly “muscle” in the public square. However, I doubt that such close-minded “haters” represent more than a small percent of Americans. There is still time to reach the non-haters in our country.

In fact, these demonstrations may actually backfire. If enough democracy-minded Americans go out and take note that such haters are living amongst us, in our midst, they might begin to understand how Israelis might feel, day and night, month after month, and year after year, surrounded by irrational and hostile forces that do not want to compromise or negotiate, but only to scream hatred and to launch homicide bombers and rockets against the objects of their excessive hatred. In turn, Americans may begin to ask themselves whether they want the “Arab street” and the “Arab mob” to really take over America.

I have no problem with Muslims who live here and who want to assimilate into an “American” way of life and who choose to practice their religion privately and quietly. Please understand: I have been told, time and again, by people I respect, that these new hard-line Muslim leaders cannot and will not do this. They want America to become an Arab Middle Eastern country and they want to live here as if that is already the reality. Thus, I have a serious problem with mosques, universities, and international propaganda groups which indoctrinate and unleash such lynch-mob potential within their followers.

Don’t you?