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Tom Paine Has Just Commented at my Blogsite

The blogosphere is now on the front-lines in terms of defending democracy and the First Ammendment. Here is where anyone's, everyone's ideas may appear in an uncensored form. True, propaganda and lies can also appear here and, where possible, I try to contain them. But, by and large, here is where idiosyncratic, individualistic, non-politically correct voices may be heard along with the voices of the extreme Right and Left.


Earlier today, a reader posted a comment about my blog of yesterday about the Muslim Day Parade. His comment is both powerful and poetic and I absolutely must share it with you. He pegs his remarks to something I wrote:

PHYLLIS: "I am afraid for our country. There seems to be an escalation, an acceleration of Islamist aggression in many of our cities, and not just via prayer-protest but also via lawsuit. Even now, the United Nations is preparing a truly racist document against the Jews, (Durban II), and yet it’s being promoted as an “anti-racist’ document. Why is the mainstream media so silent about all this? Why are the intelligentsia silent, why do they once again make common cause with totalitarians and fascists? What will it take to connect the dots?"


Phyllis, when it becomes more important to be seen on the “chic” side of an issue, rather than on the principled side of an issue, we have lost our way.

When it becomes more important to care about how we look to our friends, than how we stand by our ideals, we have lost our way.

When it becomes more “hip” to slander our country than to protect it from slander, then we have lost our way.

When we become convinced that being erudite means that we are narrow-minded and reactionary against any opinions but those acceptable to “academia”, we have lost our way.


When we become peer pressured into silence against rabid Jew hating, and it is more important that we are liked because we hold the “correct” opinions …than it is to say “Never Again”, we have lost our way.

When it is more important to ignore the hatred of Jewish existence, culture and statehood, than it is to embrace them, then we have lost our way.

When it is more important to be accepted by our liberal friends, than it is to be honorable about our country, our countrymen and our alliance with Israel, then we have lost our way.

When leftist ideology goes bad, when it leaves the path upon which we first so fervently believed in it…our choice is put before us. Is it more important to remain on a bad path so that people we know won’t condemn us, or is it more important to blaze a new path, so that years from now, looking back, …we will not condemn ourselves?

PHYLLIS: Sir: You are a regular Tom Paine! Allow me to salute you.


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