Is Muslim Polygamy Flourishing in America Today? What Do You Think of this Illegal Practice?

Friends: I have just received the following information:

An Arab-American Muslim woman has recently filed for divorce in Massachussetts because the imam at the Islamic Center of New England allowed her husband to marry three other American Muslim women. The aggrieved woman, Jane Doe, has informed the imam that Muslims are required to abide by the American law, not shari’a law, and has vowed to expose this practice in order that other Muslim women and children are not similarly “victimized.”


I have no way of knowing whether this has actually happened. I have told my informant to have the woman contact me if she so wishes. One wishes to understand why American Muslim women are willing to be second, third, or even fourth wives.

If anyone reading this has further information about this subject, please write to me. Is polygamy flourishing under the radar in America, not only in Massachusetts but elsewhere? What do you think about polygamy? (This is an academic question because the practice is illegal, no matter what we think about it).


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