Did the Muslim Chaplain at Wellesley Commit These Questionable Acts, or Are These Accusations Baseless? Calling All Sleuths…

I am working on my remarks for tomorrow night at Columbia University as part of Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week on the American campus.

I will speak in solidarity with Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents in the Islamic world and in the West. I am especially mindful today of the student activists in Iran who were tortured and who have now just been given prison sentences. Iranian Muslim and perhaps ex-Muslim students are protesting this.


Incredibly, in America, some campus “activists” are not protesting these harsh sentences but are, instead, protesting our right to hassle-free “free speech” on campus if we dare expose such obvious facts about Islam.

“Free speech” on campus is only hassle-free for those who view the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the Bush Presidency as the only High Crimes that count. Anyone who does not demonize western imperialism, colonialism, racism, and capitalism requires a bodyguard on campus. As does anyone who dares mention Islamic imperialism, colonialism, racism, misogyny and capitalism on campus.

As Orwell knew: Not all pigs are equal.

Please read the following Comment that we have published at my blogsite. I have not had the time today to research this down to the ground but surely, someone should. I am not saying that the Comment is true, only that it deserves some investigation.

The Commentator is referring to my blog of yesterday about the hostile “mean girl” reception that Nonie Darwish received at Wellesley. At issue is whether Nancy Khalil, who is listed as the Muslim Chaplain at Wellesley, actually did any of these things or not.


I will give Nancy Khalil space to rebut these charges here if she so chooses.

THE COMMENT POSTED reads as follows:

“If this can happen at Wellesley then the intimidation level at other schools may be outside the scale.

How is that possible?

Here are some research questions for students. They should find the answers and many of their concerns will be proven legitimate.

Q1. How did Nancy Khalil (The Muslim Chaplain? An impersonator of Nancy Khalil?) project herself into Wellesley? Trace her whole history, the agitation about the former Muslim Student Adviser, etc.

Q2. Why is it that the name of the Muslim Student Association was changed?

Q3. Is the role of an adviser to be that of a link to outside organizations (that do not reveal their denomination) and to coerce students to join retreats (weekend jaunts, away from campus, with holy men who also do not reveal their denomination? (Do the parents know, this is happening? Wellesley may be in for a big lawsuit…)

Q4. How many times (has) Nancy Khalil take(n) Wellesley students to the Islamic Society of Boston in Cambridge to be lectured to by Mr. Basyouny Nehela during the overnight Tarbiya sessions? Does Wellesley have a complete biography of Mr. B. Nehela or at least his “denomination”? (Then parents can intelligently discuss the MSA scene at Wellesley with students.)


Q5. Has Nancy Khalil revealed to Wellesley Administration the money flow through her hands to the Wellesley students? Where she gets it? Why it is given as “scholarships” to certain students and secretly? Is it not against the honor code to keep financial help secret and against the financial aid office rules to keep financial awards hidden?

Would Wellesley allow an adviser to continue who has built a secret financial kingdom unknown to the Scholarship Committees? (It exists. Have her deposed under oath and the truth will come out.)”


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