With Gratitude

None of us achieve our achievements by ourselves. We have all been blessed by God and by many other people who have helped us as we journey on our rightful, even destined path.


Long ago, I did not appreciate it when writers acknowledged their wives, husbands, parents, and children whose input to the actual creative act must have been minimal. I was wrong. Creators need the care and love of others in order that they have enough peace of mind and social safety so that they can create their works.

After I became ill with undiagnosed Lyme’s Disease and Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome nearly seventeen years ago (I am 200% better, I am one of the lucky ones), I began to thank my various health caregivers in each book. I understood that without them, I could not have continued living the writing life. Thus, I would thank my acupuncturist, chiropractor, shiatsu masseuse, internist, etc. in each book.

And now, I want to thank those whose generosity has led me to this blog at Pajamas Media. First: Judith Weiss who invited me to join a wonderfully activist and politically savvy listserv group called LiberalHawks and who herself began to cite my online work at her own blog Kesher Talk. Second, Pamela Geller, who both cited my work and interviewed me for her blog AtlasShrugs and who is also a member of this listserv group. Third, Dr. Rusty Shackleford, who runs the blog MyPetJawa and who began to cite my online work as well.


Finally, Fausta Wertz, another member of LiberalHawks is the one who both cited my work, interviewed me and suggested that I contact Roger Simon of Pajamas Media who quickly offered me this excellent spot as an XPRESS blogger. We were both rewarded: Fausta is now my editor at PJM.

I must also thank Sandra Rozanski at PJM who patiently explained to someone of another generation what the blogosphere is about. I must acknowledge the techies at PJM: Magnus Kempe, Jay Tumarao and Aaron Hanscom who got me up and running with incredible skill.

Finally, without my new assistant, Colin Pope, also a writer and poet, I would be lost in cyberspace. I am the one who used to resist learning to write on a computer because said I, (ever the clever one): “Look, Shakespeare didn’t need one and he didn’t do so badly…” I caved, folded entirely once I understood the amazing power of it all.

Yes, dear Reader, I am working on the second part of my analysis of the Letter written by Muslim clerics to the leaders of Christian denominations. Stand by.


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