Here's How We Counter the Woke Revolution

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Make no mistake, the woke revolution is a matter of life and death for America, Canada, and Western Civilization. The woke revolution aims at cultural genocide. The West’s Enlightenment culture, freedom, equality, and achievement are the targets of the woke, and are today being replaced by racial, gender, and ethnic collectivism, reverse racism and sexism, racial segregation, and hate for America and the West. Here are a few examples: 


The dominant theory taught in American, Canadian, and European universities is “postcolonial theory.” Its central claim was that European and American imperialism and colonialism brought into the world oppression and exploitation of conquered peoples, thus introducing evil into a world that previously was peaceful, cooperative, and loving. All good in the world is indigenous, and everything destructive and harmful is the doing of Europeans and Western civilization. According to postcolonialism, the blessings of science, constitutional order, representative democracy, civil liberties and rights, property rights, education, economic enterprise, and development are imperialist impositions, and Western civilization is a criminal organization. 

Should you not agree with woke assertions—such as “Canada is a settler colonialist society”; “we live in a rape culture”’; “men can menstruate and have babies”; “only black lives matter”; “men are toxic”; “America is systemically racist”; “trans-females have a right to compete in female sports”; “reverse racism does not exist”; “the future is female”; and “whiteness” evil must be expunged—you are not allowed to object, to criticize, or to offer alternative views. If you try to offer alternative views, you will be mobbed on social media, your entries on social media will be taken down by tech censors as “not consistent with community standards” or as “disinformation” or for being “hate speech.” The mob will demand that you be fired from your job, your bank may close your account, complaints to police may lead to your being arrested and incarcerated. Your speech is “free” only as long as you repeat woke slogans—otherwise, you will be silenced and canceled. 

A particularly egregious example of woke lunacy is the official medical requirement to “affirm” children who claim to identify with the opposite gender and demand to have their sexual organs hacked off. Off with her breasts! Cut that penis off! The justification of this is “gender dysphoria,” which trans-activists say requires life-changing hormonal treatment and extreme cosmetic surgery. The result is a crude semblance of a sex change, but not the reality, because trans-male cannot inseminate a woman and a trans-female cannot get pregnant. It is a woke fake. But worse than that, it is child abuse, a hideous medical experiment on children. It is also a betrayal of science, because biological science is clear that a man cannot become a woman, and a woman cannot become a man. The medical associations that require doctors to affirm, and the doctors and clinics that make a fortune engaging in this abuse, are charlatans and should all lose their credentials. 


The Biden administration has directed American diplomats abroad to fly the “black lives matter” flag. And why shouldn’t they celebrate a self-proclaimed Marxist organization that has been pushing the false narrative that all black Americans are at risk of death at the hands of police? Yes, a dozen or so “unarmed blacks” of the tens of millions of black Americans lose their lives because they have resisted arrest, attacked police, and/or attempted to seize police weapons. Never a word, however, from BLM about the several thousand blacks murdered by black criminals; those black victims apparently do not matter. Black Lives Matter also is dedicated to destroying the nuclear family, a long-time Marxist goal, and to championing Palestinian terrorists who murder Jews. This Democrat affiliate and street militia, active in rioting, looting, arson, assaults, and attempted and accomplished murder during 2020, is offered as the best and future of America.  

Academia has become overtly Marxist, racist, and sexist, supporting a far-leftist socialist and identity supremacist monoculture. Faculties of Education have contaminated K-12 schools. The West’s young people are indoctrinated with Marxist class-conflict theory, antiracism, and decolonialism. Students are discouraged from thinking and deepening their knowledge; instead, they are encouraged to emulate the Red Guards of Mao’s cultural revolution as activists mobbing and attacking their non-extremist teachers and other seniors. Non-Marxist and non-revolutionary opinions, even when based in science and supported by evidence, are suppressed because they challenge the identity of a “marginal,” “racialized,” and “underserved” minority, making them feel “unsafe” and their very existence denied. For example, studies that demonstrate conclusively that police do not pick offenders on the basis of race; that demonstrate that at the extremes of the bell curve, the top mathematicians are male; and that peer pressure is behind sudden gender dysphoria demands for transition are either rejected by academic publications or published and then withdrawn due to mobbing by identity interest groups. 


In the face of attacks by the woke, what are the sane to do? Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. In a war, if you refuse to use weapons as powerful as your opponents, you will lose. So, the time for pleading for civility, for diversity of opinion, and for unity is past. No more staying silent, quiet demurral, or polite reservation. Now is the time to speak up and to take action. 

The woke are free with pejoratives for those who disagree with them. It is time for the sane to call out the woke for what they are: communists in economics and fascists in social policy. Say it out loud: the woke are anti-white racists, anti-male sexists, and anti-female bullies. Woke so-called “anti-racism” is in fact blatant vilification of white people (who, by the way, make up the supermajority of citizens in America, Canada, and Europe), while “gender equality” contradicts itself in vile disparagement of males, while at the same time females are exposed to the “tender mercies” of trans-female bullies. The woke hate America, Canada, and the West, and are working diligently to undermine them, to turn them into a congeries of hateful tribes engaged in civil war. Hating appears to be therapeutic for the woke. 

The cover slogan for woke madness is “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI). These are not “good ideas” that have somehow gone off the rails. They are extremely bad ideas, and the sane need to push back. DEI is all about discrimination in favor of preferred classes of people and against unpreferred classes of people. It is not rocket science: 

  • “Diversity” means more people of color, females, LBGTQ++, disabled, and impoverished, and it means fewer whites, males, heterosexuals, able, and middle class. But “diversity” does not mean that racially, ethnically, and sexually diverse students should mix with one another; no, segregated housing, dining, and ceremonies guarantee woke apartheid. And what woke “diversity” definitely does not mean is diversity of thought and opinion; that is not allowed. 
  • “Equity” means equal statistical results for all census categories of people. It’s like trophies to all participants. Every category should be “represented” at the same level as its percentage of the general population in prestigious and lucrative fields. “Underrepresentation,” it is claimed, must be the result of discrimination, although no evidence is ever adduced to support this claim. (Don’t worry about the 70% of high-paying professional sports jobs held by blacks, or the 60% of female university students and graduates. Inequity is good when preferred categories are the beneficiaries.) What counts now is the racial and gender body count; merit, achievement, and potential are rejected as “white male supremacy talking points.” 
  • “Inclusion” means more of preferred categories of people, and fewer of unpreferred. In other words, “inclusion” of some automatically means exclusion of others. Who is now underrepresented? The white supermajority and the half of the population that is male. The woke hate whites and males, and are more than happy to discriminate and exclude them. 

Not all the woke are driven entirely by hate. The oligarchy of big industry, finance, tech, entertainment, and mostly Democrat politicians, the majority white men, are woke by reason of self-interest, by greed. Dividing the population into warring tribes distracts from the oligarchy’s theft of the country’s wealth and its destruction of the country’s working and middle classes. The reason is simple: selling out America, Canada, and the West to China and the wider world is much more lucrative, and the oligarchy gets filthy rich from this strategy. Never mind if they undermine the great values of the Enlightenment West, as long as the lucre continues to flow in. Turn the plebs down below against one another, and no one will look up at those benefitting. “America is systemically racist,” says the patriarch of the Biden crime family: don’t look at us. 

The woke use many dirty tactics to attack the sane: name-calling, mobbing, demonstrations, rioting, and boycotting. The sane, largely quiet in 2020, need to borrow some tactics (not rioting) and add more effective ones. 

  • First, we need to call out the woke as the fascists that they are. 
  • We have to be explicit that critical race theory and “antiracism” are in fact shameless racism themselves. 
  • Cancel culture is an ugly weapon, but it is past time that we initiated the cancelation of the woke, especially woke officials. 
  • Boycotts are also ugly, but what is more appropriate for major companies that declare themselves woke and take baseless stands against people, parties, and policies? Stop buying Coca-Cola, stop watching Major League Baseball, don’t fly American. (I gave up watching the National Football League in 2019-20 due to its politicization.) Sell your stock in woke companies, and write to tell them why.  
  • Join with others; there is safety in numbers. When the woke College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario forbade Ontario doctors from disagreeing with the stupid policies of “public health” authorities, 150 medical doctors replied that the CPSO directive “is putting patients’ health at risk and is undermining basic medical ethics.” 
  • There are many anti-woke organizations dedicated to universal human rights and constitutional rights. These include organizations dedicated to defending education, such as the National Association of Scholars, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and the Canadian Scholars for Academic Freedom and Scholarship, organizations dedicated to free speech, those defending the Constitution and common sense, such as Prager University, those defending the law, such as Judicial Watch, and those defending freedom, such as the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, and many others. Join these groups and others; donate to them; get active. 
  • Put up signs; pass around articles; support publications such as PJ Media, Epoch Times, The Daily Caller, and Minding the Campus. We do not need to be slaves to the woke “mainstream” media or the censors of Twitter, Facebook, and Google. 
  • Go to school board meetings to protest critical race theory in classrooms. Run for a place on the school board. 
  • Get involved in municipal, state or provincial, and national politics. The woke are in power; it is past time to challenge them. Remember that the woke have a “higher calling,” and are not shy about cheating and fixing elections. The sane prefer democracy, which means honest and secure elections. Money flows from megadonors to woke candidates; throw your support behind constitutional candidates. If the sane remain passive, the woke would continue in control. Woke power corrupts our culture, and absolute woke power corrupts our culture absolutely. 

Even the Communist Chinese government decided that Mao’s Red Guard “Cultural Revolution” was too irrational and destructive, and sent in the People’s Liberation Army to disband the Red Guard militia. With the Biden administration’s critical race theory and anti-Trump attacks on the American military, it is doubtful whether the military could be counted on to act against the woke revolutionaries. It is certain the woke Democrats would never send the military to stop their militias’ riots. 

But the American and Canadian people have not lost their minds, and are, for the most part, sane. Once they realize what has been happening, they are capable of putting a stop to it. Be an active contributor to the return to sanity. 


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