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Update: And, just like that, as if to prove my point, Google slapped a warning on this story over the weekend and demonetized it:

As is generally the case. Google doesn’t specify which claims are “unreliable and harmful.” You’re supposed to know. Or guess. At any rate, we’re not going to remove this article, nor will we alter it to satisfy the capricious censors.

Original story:

There’s a price to be paid when you go against the left-wing narrative. Many of you faced the ire of friends, family members, and the medical community when you voiced skepticism about the origins of the Covid-19 virus, the lockdowns, the jabs, and the anti-science masking rules. You’ve been called conspiracy theorists and told you were (literally!) killing people when you did your own research and decided what was best for you and your family. Some of you lost your jobs because you refused to take the unproven vaccine. You’ve been censored on social media or banned from platforms outright.

The same thing has happened to PJ Media. Our articles about Covid have been demonetized, censored, and throttled on social media platforms. Our writers have been suspended and/or banned.

They said we’re “dangerous.” That we’re spreading harmful disinformation and making “unreliable and harmful claims.”

And they’re still doing it, despite the fact that the things we’ve been saying since the beginning of the pandemic have proven to be true. We questioned the need for lockdowns and warned of the severe economic and psychological consequences of doing so; we disputed claims that masks would stop the spread of the pandemic; we raised the possibility that a lab leak in Wuhan was responsible; we raised the alarm about how harmful school closures would be; we questioned whether a new, unproven vaccine was necessary for children and most adults.

We told you the truth and gave you the information you needed to make your own informed medical decisions.

And what did that get us? Banned, throttled, and demonetized.

Just this week, Google demonetized an article from Catherine Salgado about a CPAC panel focusing on the response to the Covid pandemic. We were told that the article made “unreliable and harmful claims.” The piece quotes Katie Pavlich from our sister site Townhall saying, “Talk about the consequences of these constitutional violations… there are real-world consequences that have changed American society and the world forever as a result of this kind of First Amendment censorship and surrogacy.”

Yeah, that’s some dangerous stuff, isn’t it? How dare we call out the Covid tyrants who made us prisoners in our own homes, harmed our children, and pressured (or even forced) us to get jab after jab after jab? I’ve lost count of the number of lies that have been exposed over the last three years, many of them from the mouth of Anthony Fauci, who wielded an extraordinary amount of power over every single American.

But we’re the dangerous ones — you and I and every media outlet that dared to question that powers that be, even when it resulted in our being demonetized.

We run a really tight ship here at PJ Media, but the last few years have, quite honestly, been tough. The attacks have come from social media titans, ad vendors, and even our own government, as documented in the Twitter Files. But it hasn’t stopped us. If anything, it’s strengthened our resolve. And being vindicated for bringing our readers the truth about the pandemic has been very gratifying — if two years too late. I’m doubtful that we’ll ever gain back the reach we once had on social media, yet I remain hopeful that PJ Media will continue to be a force in the marketplace of ideas for a long time to come.

If you have been branded a conspiracy theorist — or worse, a heretic — for questioning the government narrative on Covid, we understand. We know how it feels. And we’ll continue to have your back by bringing you the truth, free from the filters social media companies slap on the content they don’t like. You can help us stay in the fight by becoming a VIP member. Members get access to all our VIP content and gain entrance to our robust, intelligent commenting community (the best perk, if you ask me!). With a VIP Gold membership, you’ll be able to access content from all the Townhall Media sites, plus exclusive podcasts and live chats. Moreover, you’ll be helping to further the cause of freedom.

Freedom to speak your truth, to refuse the jab, to stand up to your government. If you join now, using the promo code CENSORSHIP, you’ll get a 50% discount on your annual membership. That less than a dollar a week to join our mission to tell the truth about Covid and everything else the government and social-media bosses don’t want you to know. Click here to become a member today.

To our current VIP members, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your support over the years. We couldn’t do what we do without you. You’re helping us, but, more than that, you’re helping your fellow Americans cut through the noise so they can hear the truth.

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