Muslim Prays Blessing Over Republican Convention and Donald Trump

At the close of Tuesday’s Republican National Convention session in Cleveland, Sajid Tarar, founder of a group called “American Muslims for Trump,” prayed for his God to bless Donald Trump.


“Oh my God!” Tarar exclaimed, using God’s name in a way that many Christians consider to be blasphemous. “I can smell the success in the air. I can feel the change. I see the spirit.”

He asked the audience to pray for a strong and a safe America “and let’s ask God to make us strong to fight terrorism all over the world.”

“Oh God, our nation is in need of [a] new leader, a commander who will guide us along the path of righteousness,” he prayed. He added, echoing President Obama’s campaign slogan, that Americans are ready for “real hope…a change.”

He then shifted to Trump’s talking points, asking God for a tenacious leader “with the qualities that will uplift Americans and truly make America great again.”

Tarar said that Americans are obligated to elect a leader with integrity.

Quoting the Quran, he added, “The prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, said that we all have a piece of flesh in our bodies. If it is good, our whole is good. If it is not, the whole body is spoiled. It was written in Bukhari. From this, we can infer the role of our leader as a representative of the United States of America, the values respected by our leader, must reflect the values that our forefathers set in stone at inception. We can only hope for such a leader in hopes that greatness will soon follow. And once again, God bless America. God bless you. God bless Donald Trump, and let’s pray to get our country back.”


Radio host Steve Deace had a pointed response to the prayer:

I hope every last one of you Trump Cultists choked on that prayer to Allah. And stick your nationalist idolatry where the sun don't shine.

Posted by Steve Deace on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Clearly the GOP has turned a corner here, with the Trump campaign looking outside of the Judeo-Christian faiths and traditions for a spiritual blessing. “Two Corinthians Trump,” who claims to be some kind of Bible scholar (he famously said “nobody reads the Bible more than me”), is now pushing Islam on the American people (the good kind, of course).



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