Mom Shares Three Precious Reasons We Can't Allow Hillary or Bernie to Become President

Marcine Seigley, a mother from Ohio, wanted to let her friends and neighbors know how important it is to prevent both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders from becoming our next president. She’s concerned because they both support late term abortion, so she took to Facebook to share a picture of her triplets:


Seigley wrote, “Bernie and Hillary are both in support of late term abortions. Bernie opposes any restrictions on abortion in general. Under such laws, up to 36 weeks, abortion would be legal. You ask me why I care so much? Meet my 27 weekers.”

She told PJ Media, “This is such an important issue.”

She said that when she was pregnant with her triplets she and her husband learned that one or two of the babies would have a better chance of survival if they chose “selective reduction.” But when their fetal specialist started to go down that road, “we stopped him right away and said it wasn’t even an option,” she said. “To think of life without even one would be unfair.”

Abigail, Bronson, and Claire were born at 27 weeks gestation. Abigail was the smallest at 1 lb. 15 oz. while Bronson and Claire weighed in at 2 lbs. 2 oz. Surprisingly, Abigail was the first to come home, 58 days after birth. The others were in the hospital for 84 days. “Science told us they only had a 50% chance of survival, but they surpassed what could have been,” Seigley said.” Today all three are normal, healthy children who will celebrate their 4th birthdays this month.


The pictures of her beautiful children are a heartbreaking reminder that every day in this country thousands of tiny babies the size of Claire, Abigail, and Bronson are legally killed and dismembered—without even the benefit of anesthesia. The Congressional Budget Office reports that every year 11,000 abortions are performed at 20 weeks gestation or later. That comes out to an average of 30.4 late-term abortion per day or 1.26 per hour if you’re doing the math.


Top photo of the newborns from left to right: Claire, Abbie, Bronson

Bottom photo from left to right: Abbie, Bronson, Claire

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders voted against bans on the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion during their time in the Senate. Sanders in is favor of abortion for any reason at all stage of gestation and has co-sponsored legislation to ban all restriction on abortions. Hillary Clinton has a 100% NARAL rating based in part on her “stellar” anti-life voting record in the Senate. While she has recently started saying that she might consider supporting some restriction on late term abortions, she’s careful to add “except for the life and health of the mother.” Everyone who has followed this issue over the years knows that “health of the mother” is a euphemism for “anything that might cause the mother mental distress.” In other words, it’s a restriction with no teeth.


The bottom line is that both of the candidates on the Democrat side are on the record as supporting the murder of babies the size Claire, Bronson, and Abbie when they were born. Don’t try to tell Marcine Seigley that her precious children came into the world as “blobs of tissue” or “products of conception” or that mothers and their doctors should be allowed to legally “dispose” of them. She’s not having it because she’s held a trio of living, breathing, squirming 27-weekers in her arms. And that’s what’s at stake this election.



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