Petitioning the White House

So Mad Mike Williamson, whom I count friend, occasionally (like always) lives up to his name.

This is the guy whose daughter decided to beat up on Rolling Stone after they used her picture to illustrate an anti-gun story. (He’s also an amazing author of Military SF for Baen. Go buy his latest Tour of Duty — you won’t be disappointed; trust me.)


Now, Morrigan (yes he named his daughter after the Celtic Goddess of Death, deal) is a fan of large revolvers and Pink ARs

This just by way of introduction.

However, Mike’s had a great idea. Since the administration is talking about arming the Syrian rebels, but would like to disarm US, why not start a White House petition to make any arms transfers to Syrian “freedom fighters” adhere to the most stringent regulations American citizens are required to follow?

Go vote here, I’d love to see Obama try to explain his way out of this one. I mean, it’s only reasonable, right?



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