Revisiting 'Jihad' John Brennan

This afternoon at a White House ceremony, Obama announced that his nominee for CIA Director will be ‘Jihad’ John Brennan, his current counterterrorism adviser.


Back in June, I profiled Brennan here at PJ Media. Some of ‘Jihad’ John’s recent highlights include:

March 2008: John McCain’s passport information leaked from John Brennan’s company during presidential campaign (key witness murdered during investigation)

April 2008: Brennan tells the New York Times that US government official must stop “Iran-bashing”

Feb 2010: Brennan attacks critics of Obama Admin’s handling of “underwear bomber” Abdulmutallab as a criminal, not a terrorist, saying that critics are “serving the goals of Al-Qaeda”

May 2010: Brennan says he wants to build up “Hezbollah moderates”

May 2010: Brennan defends ‘Jihad’ as a ‘legitimate tenet of Islam’

June 2010: Washington Times editorial slams Brennan, saying, “President Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser knows very little about terrorism, and that’s scary for America.”

Aug 2010: Brennan storms out of meeting with Washington Times editorial staff after he claims he was misquoted by newspaper and editor begins reading Brennan’s own quotes back to him out loud

Sept 2010: Known HAMAS operative given escorted tour of National Counterterrorism Center

May 2012: Brennan implicated in major White House intelligence breach involving UK/Saudi Al-Qaeda infiltrator

Aug 2012: Brennan attacks critics of politically-driven White House intelligence leaks

Sept 2012: House Intel Committee Chairman Mike Rogers says changes in CIA’s Benghazi attack talking points blaming Mohammed video happened under deputies committee chaired by Brennan


Again, these are just some of John Brennan’s highlights. We could also add his laughable claims of no collateral casualties from his drone assassination program or his defense of trying Al-Qaeda operations chief Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in federal court or his role in the White House back-door dealing with the UK on the release of Libyan Pan Am Flight 103 bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi or his reference to Jerusalem as “Al-Quds” in a NYU speech or his claims that the 20 percent recidivism rate for GITMO detainees (those who returned to terrorism) was “not that bad”.  But that would be piling on.

What should be clear is that John Brennan’s role in Barack Obama’s disastrous first term should preclude him from any further service in the second term. let alone a promotion.

There are plenty of avenues of investigation for Senate members, who will be voting on confirmation of Obama’s nominee, if they’re willing to look.


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