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PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—September 29

Father fastening helmet of son on bicycle in autumn woods

I can hear the rustle of the drying leaves outside, and the weather has FINALLY turned a bit crisper. My fingers are crossed that fall is finally on its way!  We are struggling to get back into the swing of school and household life after a ten-day vacation with family. But, we will get there!


I thought this was a brilliant way to eat caramel apples!  Especially since you get more chocolate to caramel ratio on each slice!

Follow Mom Loves Baking for more treats.


Fall is crockpot and instant pot season in our house. It's such a relief to get to dinner and have it completely cooked. Here is a list of 39 recipes sure to please your family, and liven up your meal planning!

Homesteading is a wonderful resource to check out.


My Mommy Style has done a great job at compiling all kinds of treats worthy of Halloween!  It's not too early to start planning for the big event!

My Mommy Style


I know sometimes I say "I Love You" to my kids out of habit, and they know it too. This article was a good reminder to be intentional with them and the find other ways to express my love to them and for them.

"Ah, those three little words. I say them ALL the time to my kids.

But am I overusing the ‘I love you’?

Are kids numb to the phrase ‘I love you’?

‘I love you’ isn’t just a phrase we say before school or bed.

And while we should absolutely continue saying those three little words, perhaps

we could add to it so that our kids are really getting the message loud and clear."

Find Your Mom Tribe


How did you celebrate fall this weekend?

Share your ideas with us in the comments section, on our Facebook page, or tag us on Instagram with our handle @PJ_Media. You can also tweet them to us on Twitter @PJ_Parenting.