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Open Letter to Rocklin Academy Parents: Stand Up to the School's Transgender Agenda NOW

Grade School Classroom

Dear Parents,

You're on the front lines of a battle we are all going to lose if you don't stand up now. Recently your kindergartners came home traumatized and afraid they would be magically turned into the opposite sex because their teacher held a "transition ceremony" for their classmate without notifying you. I watched the news reports and noticed that none of you with damaged children appeared on TV; you sent the lawyers out instead. All of you chose to hide out for the sake of your reputations while the loons who support this abortion of common sense got on camera to talk about what a wonderful thing it was.

I realize you live in California and it's not the friendliest place, but here's the deal: things will only get worse. There are a whole lot of us out here who will back you. You may have to move out of your community, pull your kids out of school, and face criticism at the grocery store. Do it anyway. What more would you face to protect your children? There are people in your children's school right now determined to rip their childhood away from them and turn them into mind-numbed robots who nod affirmatively in the face of lies. Your school is teaching your children to lie and be proud of it!

As if the first event wasn't bad enough, now one of your children has been reprimanded and sent to the principal's office for "misgendering" the boy who thinks he's a girl. An innocent child who sees the Emperor is wearing a dress called this boy by his birth name (instead of Star Princess Brittany — or whatever nonsense he wants to be called) and she was ostracized by adults for doing it.

Pardon me, but what the hell is wrong with you that you're not out in front of the school with pitchforks demanding an end to this madness? News organizations trying to get your side are coming up empty-handed.

[Karen] England told The Bee that parents opposing the teacher’s reading of the book would not talk on the record. Attempts to contact parents who commented on social media were unsuccessful.

This is unacceptable, cowardly behavior. Many more parents agree with you but are too afraid to admit it. Once you begin to tell the truth, it will spread and courage will rise. Allowing the inmates to run the asylum is going to result in one thing: damaged kids with PTSD. If you want your children to retain their ability to tell the truth, then act now.

Our culture is trying to make us lie and call it virtuous. A boy can be a girl! A girl can be a boy! A liar speaks the truth. Do not allow it. Your child came home shaking and crying because of this lie. If you sit home cowering in your house, your child learns that it is better to lie than face criticism or scorn. Be scorned. But tell the truth.