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LGBT Activists Target Children with 'Educational' Transgender Russian Doll

Transgender activists are promoting a gender-transition Russian doll, which teaches children at a very early age the idea of rejecting their birth sex for an opposite sex identity. While this would not be the first transgender doll, it would be the first doll with an explicit gender-transition message.

"Our mission is to educate people around the world about gender identity issues. Sam is an essential tool designed to help children understand what it means to grow up as a transgender child," the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter explains.

As of Sunday, the campaign had raised $14,588 of the $108,725 goal. The campaign is "all or nothing," which means that if it reaches the goal by the deadline of August 12, 2017, it will be launched. If not, it will not see the light of day.

The project was conceived by the Canadian nonprofit Gender Creative Kids, a Montreal-based group started in 2013. The nonprofit worked with researchers, transgender children and their families, and the design firm LG2.

"We believe that this toy can ... open the conversation, whatever gender identity the child feels, and also promote acceptance of the fact that some people feel different from their assigned sex at birth," Annie Pullen Sansfaçon, vice president of the Canadian nonprofit, told The Daily Beast.

Sansfaçon added, "We identified the lack of a practical tool to initiate conversation about gender identity with trans children—and with other children that may know a gender creative kid, or who are questioning their own gender."

The doll, named Sam, consists of six phases in gender transition, all of which are outlined in a video also pushed by Gender Creative Kids.

Youtube screenshot.

Sam begins as a "happy" girl baby. The Kickstarter campaign explained, "Sam starts life happily unaware of what gender even is." In the next phase, Sam is "exploring," playing builder and drawing a mustache on her face despite her feminine long hair. Sam then "starts questioning cultural gender norms and how he fits — or doesn't fit — within them."

After questioning, the girl becomes conflicted, "constantly torn between internal feelings and external expectations." She cuts her hair, in a symbol of rejecting her femininity. Not "feeling accepted," she later isolates herself, with an unhappy doll in a black hoodie, putting her hands in her pockets.

The final stage involves a happy Sam, who "finally feels accepted and supported in the expression of his true identity."

These successive stages tell a narrative — from sad girl to happy "boy."

But "Gender Creative Kids" has also launched a YouTube video to fit the Russian doll toy. The video does not just present transgender ideology — it uses the analogy of twins to promote a fully Gnostic view of humanity. Cutesy and upbeat, it suggests that gender identity issues are perfectly normal and should be accepted, rather than challenged.