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WARNING: Graphic, Disturbing Video of Parents Teaching Kids to Masturbate Trends on YouTube

Two notable attacks on the sexual innocence of children took place this week: Teen Vogue's disgusting promotion of "the right way to do" anal sex, and a popular YouTube video in which parents tell children about masturbation, complete with sex toys.

"So, sometimes people will say 'playing with themself,' or 'jerking off,' or 'choking the one-eyed trouser snake,'" a father tells his son, who looks to be about 8 years old. "Masturbating is when you touch your privates in different ways to make yourself feel good," a mother tells two young ladies, who might be 8 years old and 10 years old.

The YouTube video flits backs and forth, showing five different parent-child groupings, with parents telling children about masturbation, including how-tos, discussions of how many times they masturbate, and sex toys. Many times, the parents mime the actions of sexual intercourse and masturbation to illustrate how dildos and other sex toys are used.

The children cringe and are visibly uncomfortable throughout, with one young lady putting her head in her hands multiple times.

The video has 1.2 million views and was number seven on YouTube's trending videos section earlier this week. Despite this notoriety, the video has more than 68,000 "dislikes," compared to only 15,000 "likes," and most of the comments are very negative.

"The embarrassment... and the second-hand embarrassment," reads a top comment, with 1,500 "likes."

"Hey YouTube, Why is it okay to show these Children how to use a dildo, yet they blur it out in the video. Child porn," another comment reads. This one had upwards of 2,000 "likes."

"Obviously the little girl doesn't want to hear about this, but the mom just doesn't shut up.. I'm so disgusted. Why encourage this?" a user named Maddy Brown asked, to the tune of about 2,000 "likes."

Another user titled the video "Parents traumatize their children." Fitting.

Many conservatives see videos like this one, and articles like the one in Teen Vogue, as blatant attempts to sexually corrupt children. "The left wants to turn your child into a sexual deviant," commentator Matt Walsh warned at TheBlaze.

Unfortunately, it seems that much of that fear is well-placed. Parents have protested "graphic" sex ed classes for their kids. Bill Nye's Netflix show featured a segment encouraging all sorts of sexual deviance. Oregon has an official sex guide for teens, written by teens. Last December, National Geographic put a nine-year-old transgender girl on the cover of a magazine marketed to children.