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PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web — July 14

little boy and girl playing in swimming pool at the beach

Summer is in full swing!  Bring on the pool days, the library visits, the late summer nights — we are ready to soak it all up!


This beautifully written blog is by two sisters-in-law and it has been such an encouragement to me this week. I haven't stopped listening to the podcasts or using the resources they have listed. This particular article was a good reminder to spend time before my little ones are up soaking up the quiet and preparing for the day.

"With four young children, a moment of quiet or predictable consistency is hard to come by. Even with my best efforts to be organized and intentional, it’s still difficult to stay engaged in regular Bible study, to disciple women, to fellowship regularly with other believers, or to serve in ways that pull me out of my home. The desire is there, but so are the dirty diapers, the naptime routines, the laundry piles, and the mundane things that keep our family going."

Don't miss Risen Motherhood.


I'm making this recipe for a dinner party tomorrow night, but mostly I'm making it because I laughed out loud while reading the recipe:

"Then slooooowly add in the milk and keep whisking as your feet begin to feel the beat.

After that? The shredded cheese. Keep adding in small handfuls until cartoon birds begin to gather at your open windowsill.

Once the cheese has melted and the rhythm of your soul is beginning to erupt, just add in that (drained!) rotel and maybe sing something from The Sound of Music.

THEN, if you can even handle it, add in the (broiled and lusciously charred!) corn. Your body may not remember what happens at this point, but one day it will all make sense."


Follow Bev Cooks for more yummy ideas.


This is a short read, but such a good reminder that sometimes our schedules can wait.

" I get her all hooked up and all three bags on my arms and the keys in my hand I just looked at her and set everything down, I said, “well, we will just have to be 15 mins late…” I put the car seat down, unhooked her, took her out and sat on the floor near the front door and just held her… and she took a deep breath and snuggled her head into my neck and stopped crying."

Pregnant Chicken is full of Mom support.


Clean Mama to the rescue!  For those of us looking for quick summer meals that won't sacrifice that precious time playing outside with little ones!  Yum!