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Latest Form of Child Abuse: Turning Your 8-Year-Old Son Into a Drag Queen

The gender-bending craze taking over the culture has officially gone far enough. A while back the UK Daily Mail highlighted the viral photographs of 8-year-old Ethan Wilwert in drag makeup. His mother, Season, is all for it.

Season said Ethan has loved makeup "since he was a young child, he used to watch me get ready and put on makeup."

"He's asked to apply my makeup before."

One of his inspirations has been YouTube makeup artist Jeffree Star, an American singer and songwriter who creates extreme drag styles on Instagram.

Season said: "He wants to learn how to do drag and theatre styles of makeup, as well as other styles."

Makeup artist Joey had only recently qualified for MAC and Ethan was his first makeover, Metro reported.

I had never heard of Jeffree Star so I Googled him. Mistake.

Image via myspace.com/jeffreestar

What's so upsetting about this piece of information is that no 8-year-old child would ever come in contact with this person without the help of an adult. My daughters have no idea who Justin Bieber is and that's much more difficult to keep from them than this random D-lister. There is no way that this child came across this person by himself. So his mother (no mention of any father in any of the articles about this) has poisoned his mind with images like this:

Or this one (definitely NSFW or children).

There are only two reasons to do this to a child. The first is grooming for pedophilia. The second is because queer children are the new status symbol in America. Selfish and bored women who want extra attention can now get it by transitioning their child at the age of two or three and forcing everyone around them to deny reality and call Jane "Joe" and build new bathrooms at school and hold conferences where they are the center of attention. A long time ago I remember that mothers would sometimes get caught making their children sick by feeding them Drano and other poisonous things for attention. They called this Munchausen syndrome by proxy and every few years some unhinged whacko would make the news for almost killing their child. In 2017 Munchausen by proxy has taken on new life. Desperate for attention and affirmation, mentally unstable women (with the help of the medical community) are putting their children on hormones (that can sterilize them!) to transition them into the opposite sex—or painting their boys like 20-year-old hookers.