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Traditional Marriages Are Making a Comeback Among Millennials

Leave It to Beaver

Watch out America, the traditional family may have some life left in it and might be making a comeback among millennials. At least that’s one view put forth by several studies.

Two recent PJ Media articles focused on this trend. The first is “Millennial Women Re-Embrace a 'Homemaker' Life,” and the second is “Millennial Men Prefer to Be Family Breadwinners, Have Stay-at-Home Wives.” Both articles discuss how millennials are embracing a more traditional view of family arrangements than their counterparts a generation earlier. As the articles’ titles indicate, this traditional view revolves around a male breadwinner and head-of-household, and the female as a homemaker.

Is this really our society finally emerging from 40 years of wandering in a cultural desert, or just the last gasp of a crumbling out-of-date societal norm? Rush Limbaugh thinks it’s the former. On his April 11, 2017, radio talk show, Limbaugh spent several minutes trumpeting the two PJ Media articles and their joint thesis. To Rush, this was a sign that the pendulum was reversing its direction.

Rush claims to be right nearly 99% of the time, but I have little reason to believe he’s right on this. The first question one has to ask, assuming this is a real permanent shift, is what is causing the shift back to the traditional family?

One speculation from the studies discussed in the referenced articles is that millennials have seen firsthand the effects on the parents and the children of dual-income and single-parent households (where usually the father is absent). Many millennials see modern families as high-stress environments where no one has time to be happy. If that’s true, millennials ask, what has radical feminism given us?

The answer to that question is simple. Radical feminism may have given women a paycheck, but it has taken away our souls and made everybody miserable. (Before moving on, I suppose for accounting purposes I have to stress my use of the modifier “radical” to describe feminism versus a real equal rights movement for women. The two are mutually exclusive and I’m going to assume that readers understand the differences.)

If the purpose of the family is to produce and rear successive generations, and the family is broken and everyone is miserable, then we need to fix it. What is the fix that will make people happy again? The right would argue all we need to do is bring back the traditional family; it’s not perfect but it’s the best thing we have to solve or drastically reduce many societal problems.

To the left, the traditional family is the core of everything that’s wrong with Western civilization. More specifically, bringing back the traditional family will put women right back where they were 100 years ago. Therefore, as the articles referenced above point out, the left would argue the fix requires more family-friendly laws, that is, more business regulations and bigger government programs.