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10 Things We All Did in School That Are Banned for Kids Today


Things sure have changed from when I was a kid in the '80s! I was contemplating the "rules" for my kindergartner's Halloween party at school and it dawned on me how much has changed from when I was in elementary school. There are so many things they can't or don't do anymore and some are kind of sad.

10. Playing Dodgeball at Recess

I remember racing Justin Thompson everyday from the top of the stairs all the way down to the far tennis court to see who would get there first. Everyone wanted the far court to play a tough game of dodgeball. I still remember the smell and sound of that red gym ball as we would wind up to strike our victims. It was glorious. Too bad my kids won't ever know what a good dodgeball victory feels like because it's been banned by most schools for being too dangerous. Somebody may break their face off. What a pity.

9. Running on the Playground

Believe it or not, my kids' school district doesn't allow running on the playground. Say what? How are kids supposed to burn off all of that pent-up super kid energy they are hardwired to have? They may get a skinned-up knee or actually have fun. I'm surprised they don't require helmets for the monkey bars. Maybe if they allowed actual exercise, the childhood obesity rate wouldn't be so high. Geesh!