7 Dirty Little Secrets Your Hotel Staff Won't Tell You

We all like to think that our hotel rooms are pristine havens of germ-free cleanliness. Desperately clinging to that fantasy is the only way most of us can get a good night's sleep when we're away from home. After all, if we think too hard about it, we remember that hundreds, if not thousands of people, possessing various levels of cleanliness, have slept—and done who-knows-what—in those beds. What are the odds that the underpaid housekeeping staff in your hotel is dutifully removing all the grime, germs, and various body fluids (and hairs!) from the room? Pretty low if you ask me.

Question-and-answer website Quora recently asked an even more worrisome question: "What are some things hotel staffs won't tell you?"

Readers weighed in with some answers that should give us all pause next time we check into a hotel:

7. The reason throw pillows are called "throw pillows"

Tirena Schue writes:

Because you throw them.

And they aren't washed in between guests.

But they are put back on the bed. On your pillow.

Where your face is.

Image via Quora Image via Quora

Schue added, "There is no purpose for throw pillows in a hotel other than moving dirt and grime from the floor onto my pillow."

The first things that hit the floor when I walk into a hotel room are the throw pillow. Every day the poor housekeeping staff members dutifully pick them up, arranging them artfully on the bed—and every time I arrive back to my room the pillows go right back on the floor. There's no telling what people have been doing with those little pillows.