14-Year-Old Rape Victim Has Newborn Confiscated as She Tries to Leave Hospital

A heart-breaking story is currently unfolding in Alabama. Terri LaPoint reports at the Medical Kidnap website that a brave 14-year-old rape victim chose to give birth and keep her baby, rather than have an abortion or give him up for adoption. But instead of leaving the hospital with her baby, she left once again abused and broken.

Juda Myers, the founder of Choices4Life, flew from Texas to Alabama to support the young mother after she gave birth, calling her a "hero mom." Myers' mission is to "restore the honor and dignity to women and children of rape conception." That was Myers' intention. Instead, she and LaPoint stood by, helpless, and witnessed the heart-wrenching scene as it unfolded.

Meyers told PJ Media Parenting that the young girl told her grandparents (who are her custodial guardians) that she would keep the baby if they would help her raise him. As pro-life Christians and loving grandparents, they agreed to support their granddaughter's heart-wrenching decision.

This courageous young mother did everything she knew to give her baby the best start in life. She gave birth to a healthy boy naturally and started successfully breastfeeding. That's quite an accomplishment for such a young mother.

The new great-grandparents stood by, eagerly waiting to take everyone home. But that wasn't the hospital's plan. Minutes, and then hours went by.

The hospital claimed it had to get a clearance from the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR).

It was all protocol, they said. They would not take her baby, they said.

Sadly, these were all  false assurances, and nothing more than stall tactics. They needed time for the police and social services to coordinate their efforts, and to remove all eyewitness from the room.