Fathers Have a Responsibility to Teach Their Daughters About Modesty

Fathers Should Teach Daughters About Modesty

(Note: there are basically two definitions for the word modesty. The dictionary definition involves the virtue of being unassuming and moderate in your behavior. The colloquial definition is, well, basically “put some pants on.” For this article, I’m using the colloquial definition. If you’re unsure about the difference, I have little doubt that a helpful commenter or two will lecture me about my improper use of the word modesty. Read their comments for further clarification.)

When I’m at the playground with my kids, I stare at men. Mind you, I do this to guard my own heart. You see, I like women. Always have, ever since I was a little boy. In elementary school, my friends and I loved the National Geographic magazines in the school library. As teenagers, we would sit staring at the scrambled Spice Channel hoping for a brief, yet clear view of a nipple. Shamefully, in the past, I helped make the swimsuit issue a bestseller for Sports Illustrated.

This is why I stare at men when I’m out with my kids. The DC area, where I live, is full of people who are fitness crazed. And the playgrounds are full of moms and nannies that are fit and wearing very little. While sitting, bored on a playground, it’s easy(ier) for me to allow myself to “enjoy” the exposed curves of a hot nanny. Make no mistake, my potential for perviness is not unique. Watching men is a constant reminder that almost all men, regardless of age and ethnicity, leer at women. I watch men leer at woman so that I’m less tempted to leer at women.

A newly married friend of mine told me that before he was married, he had never noticed how many men gawk at women while at the gym. He shook his head and sadly bemoaned, “It’s disgusting! I stand in the back of the gym and watch as man after man stares at women.”

My wife often relates to me stories about the men on the Metro or at her office whom she catches staring down her shirt. These anecdotes are echoed in the experiences of many others. Men lust after women. Any man who says that he doesn’t is probably lying. I mean, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show isn’t for women.