5 Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Trump

Donald Trump's presidential campaign hasn't simply shocked the Beltway crowd. It's left parents all over the country wondering how to tell their kids about the most unusual campaign in U.S. history.

Where to begin?

  • The name calling
  • The inter-party bickering
  • References to small hands ... and more
  • The fisticuffs at too many public events

And that's just a short list. Trump's campaign isn't like any other in our lifetimes. That leaves parents, hoping to inject some civics into their meal-time gatherings, at a loss.

Not to fear, since Trump apparently isn't going away anytime soon. Here are five tips parents can consider the next time Jill or Jimmy asks, "Is that man really gonna be our next president?"

1. Accentuate the Positive

It's easy to deliver a laundry list of Trump's flaws. The DNC is currently writing just such a list, and it may take until the DNC convention to complete. Why not tell kids why he is succeeding? Adults are sick of politicians' broken promises. They're fed up with politically correct GOP candidates who don't sound like you or me. And they distrust a system where money plays a role in how people think (and vote).