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New Research: Snuggling Your Babies Today Makes Them Happier Adults Tomorrow

Have you ever had a well-meaning mother (or mother-in-law) scold you for picking up your baby too much? Have you been warned that if you respond too quickly, you will spoil her? Has the sage advice "let him cry it out" been leisurely thrown your way?

Yeah. Me too. It's hard to escape, it's so ingrained in our culture.

If you're like me, that advice just never settled well in my heart. It went against everything my instincts were telling me. Now, we find out, there is a good reason it sounded so wrong.

It was wrong. It defied your rightful instincts.

In a culture bent on assaulting human nature, mothering instincts were among the first targets. Now, we can fire back with more than just our "feelings" that are so easily dismissed.

New research, due to be published in the journal Applied Developmental Science, will confirm what God has written on the hearts of mothers since the beginning of time: picking up babies today creates happier, more mentally stable adults in the future. Notre Dame professor of psychology Darcia Narvaez and two colleagues surveyed more than 600 adults and found that you can't spoil your baby. Period. In fact, we do our children harm by not picking them up. Kissing your baby truly does heal and picking up your crying infant is critically important.