A Tale of Two Tells... or New York City girl outs herself as a Texan

When we first bought our house, we obviously told a few friends and relatives people that we bought a house in Texas.

Mostly they fell into two categories, let’s call them Group E for excited, and Group C for cranky… or colonoscopy.


Group E people really did get excited. They asked for pictures, asked where they could  plug in their RV, and when we showed them pictures, they said things like “OMG it is so spacious and light. So much room!!!” or “I love the view from the back deck.” Or  I think you are going to love it there! All that land and an infinite horizon.” And then they took  a breath.

Group C people got really… well they would sound like I just made a colonoscopy appointment for them. The telephone receiver would start to get cold in your hand as they pause and try to regain some semblance of control.  Then they said  “How nice. What do you do there?”

Group E people ALL bet us that we’d move there  sooner than we thought back last year when we bought the place.

Group C sounded relieved when we said we weren’t moving right now and would  spend a few weeks a year there to see if we liked it. We would end the phone call with the group C people saying, reassuringly, if we don’t like it we can always sell it. Which is not why we bought it – but geez people, it’s not like a tattoo which you can’t get rid of.

Now that we’ve decided to move, the Group E people, who of course were the first ones we told, are strutting around saying “told you so”… well except for one friend who said “I know you’d move, you’ve run out of projects on this (our current) house.”


We’ve not told the Group C people we’re moving. I believe some of them have written us off as dead or at least partially brain dead.   Notwithstanding that I have cousins on both coasts and DFW is sort of in the middle, I have been led to believe it would be inadvisable to attempt a family reunion in Texas (did I mention my family background being NYC liberal?) .  I’m just having too much fun with my spreadsheets to br brought down by attitude.

We now have meetings with one acoustic designer/architect; one architect-builder; one just architect; and one just builder for our trip in July.  Hopefully when we get back at the end of the month we will have made some progress on the building front.  Until then, I’m going to bounce up and down in my chair and be excited.


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