#Twitter Goes #Corporate in the #NFL

We all know, because we’re Internet savvy, all about twitter, right?  And of course football players have used twitter to poke at opponents and get themselves in a lot of trouble for a while now.  But I was still surprised to see this on the landing page of the 49ers NFL.com page:


Twitter, it seems, has become the institutionalized way of rallying fans, at least for the recently “blue collar” San Francisco 49ers.

And for those of you thinking, huh? What is she talking about?  The # before “Saints” “49ers” and “beatthesaints” are called “hash tags” and are used to organize tweets (twitter posts). You can search on a hash tag, and if you want a lot of people talking about your subject you tell them to use a specific hash tag. So if you want to hear 49ers fans trash-taking about the Saints you’d search for #beatthesaints. If you want your tweet found, you insert that hash tag into your tweet.

Oh, and yes, please, beat the Saints. It’s been a long dry season for the 49er faithful.


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