Occupy the Eurodam, Don't Worry, Be Happy

There reaches a point in a cruise when you enter… the Cruise Zone.  This is a stage where you remember you used to be quite intelligent and active, and you’d wonder about where that person went, but you just don’t care enough.  But if you’re not sure whether you’ve reached the Cruise Zone, here are the Ten Top Signs you’re getting into the cruise state of mind.


10. You  think that cruise and mind shouldn’t be used in the same sentence

9. You think your dog has a really tough life

8. You were never good at doing nothing but you’re now an expert

7. You can’t figure out what day it is until you get in the elevator and look at the handy “day carpet”

6. You think that “pool or hot tub” is a complicated decision

5. You haven’t seen a watch or clock and yet you somehow find yourself at the ice cream counter at 2pm every afternoon.

4. You take a nap during the afternoon for the first time since either your last cruise or kindergarten

3. ” You hear “don’t worry, be happy” on this Lido deck’s speakers and think “what a nice song, and such brilliant lyrics”

2. You don’t care if your Top Ten list only has 9 items on it- don’t worry, be happy.



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