Ovaltine-Blogging Top Shot

I’ve always been an avid TV watcher, but I’m not an educated watcher. I never would write serious TV reviews because I don’t watch TV seriously — I watch TV and fold laundry, or watch TV and cook.


But when I saw that the premier episode of the 3rd season of Top Shot is tonight, I thought, well I could drunk blog that, apologies to Steve Green.  The one problem is that I don’t drink… or at least I don’t drink and stay awake.  However, I could crawl into bed with my laptop and a glass of Ovaltine and Ovaltine-Blog Top Shot.

The only reason for the big “maybe” up in the title (and apologies if this is TMI) is that I’m having some minor oral surgery this morning and I might not be up to the excitement. If I’m not online tonight Ovaltine-blogging the show, feel free to discuss it in the comments of this post.

I tuned in to the first season of Top Shot by accident, just surfing channels looking for something to watch before I went to sleep.  I’ve never been a gun person. In fact the first really REALLY big fight Ed and I had was over gun control.  That one lasted until 3:00 am (we didn’t think to call Hillary afterwards) and resulted in a mutual decision that if we were going to stay married we had to stay away from the mere mention of guns.

Part of my view of guns came from growing up in New York City in the Zabar’s collective.  No one I knew growing up had a gun.  it wasn’t done.  Guns came in three varieties: good guns worn by cops; bad guns carried by criminals; and fictional guns in the Westerns.  Since nice Jewish girls and boys and their parents, most of whom taught school except for the occasional doctor, dentist, CPA or attorney did not own guns. I never saw a gun up close and personal till I was in my 40s.  They were just a very foreign to me.  But I am also a sucker for anyone with a military background and the episode of Top Shot I happened upon had this cute-looking Marine sniper dude guy. So I watched a little and got hooked.


I didn’t know there was a season two until a few episodes in, and season two really got me addicted, so this year I was on the look out and I’m ready for Season Three.  I’ve reviewed the 1-2 minute bios of the competitors on the show’s website, but no one jumped out at me as my favorite.  My criteria are looks, military background and then … well I’m not sure anything much matters after that. I guess some sort of intelligence or sense of humor. But I’m not marrying these people,  just watching them on TV.

They always have two women competing and they sadly usually appear to be token females. This year one of the women only started to shoot four years ago.  There are guys there who’ve been shooting since they were kids. Three started with Red Ryder BB guns.  One guy said his dad would take him shooting before he could even hold the gun.  His dad held the gun and he got to pull the trigger.  But I guess some people just have a knack and she qualified. I just think she looks too much like the “oh we have to find another woman” woman.

The other woman is a ex-Army police officer and SWAT team member.  I could root for her.  She’s cute and ex-military.  But I’m going to have to see how the guys come across on TV before I pick my from among them.  Dental pain permitting, join me tomorrow, 8 pm PDT while I Ovaltine Blog Top Shot, Season 3, Episode 1.



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