Trump: 'I'm a Big Budget Person' But 'There's No Budget When It Comes to the Military'

Andrew Harnik/AP

President Donald Trump touted the significance of the $738 billion National Defense Authorization bill that created the new Space Force branch of the military, arguing that there isn’t a limit to how much money the federal government should spend on the U.S. military and the defense budget.


Trump has signed several increases to the defense budget throughout his presidency.

“Somebody said, ‘well, that’s bad for the budget.’ Let me tell you about budgets. I’m a big budget person but when it comes to the military, there is no budget. There is no budget. There’s no budget when it comes to the military,” Trump said during his speech at a conference hosted by the conservative student organization Turning Point USA on Saturday. “We’re so powerful militarily now, especially at the end of another 6 months — this stuff is all pouring in — brand new jets — the most incredible stealth jets.”

Trump signed the NDAA into law on Friday.



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