Mark Ruffalo Says Bernie Sanders Would 'Beat Trump's A—,' 'No Doubt About It'

WASHINGTON — Academy award-nominated actor and environmental activist Mark Ruffalo predicted that Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) would defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election if he was the Democratic nominee.


Ruffalo was asked why he’s decided to support Sanders over Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“When I look around, they’re all stealing from him. I mean, he led this and he’s been doing this his whole life and I just know that guy is who he says he is. He will fight the fights he says he will fight. I don’t know that about everybody else. He’s the one known quantity and we’re going to need that person for what lays ahead,” Ruffalo said at the screening of his new film titled Dark Waters.

“I know that he has the grit and I know he has this huge infrastructure and the young people dig him. And of course a good part of ‘the Squad’ signed off on him. I’m very excited about what he’s doing. He’s already pushed the Democrats to the progressive values he already has and he keeps leading in the field even today. And he’ll beat Trump’s ass,” he added.

Dark Waters tells the story of environmental attorney Rob Bilott’s legal battle with the large chemical corporation DuPont. Ruffalo was asked if there is a call to action he wants viewers to take away from the film, which opened in theaters on November 22. He explained that has officially launched in connection with the movie release.


“It will be simply from what products you can buy that don’t have PFOA and will let you know what products do to what kind of federal legislation is in the works to what kind of regional and state and city legislation is happening and who is fighting it,” Ruffalo said.

“We’re right in the middle of a debate on the NDAA [the National Defense Authorization Act] to basically start regulating PFOA within the Department of Defense and that’s an earnest discussion we’re having on a bipartisan level,” he added.

Ruffalo said he has “great hope” that the NDAA will pass with the PFOA ban included.

“We actually could get this done. There is bipartisan buy-in on this because we all know how important our water is and we all want to protect our military who have been really bearing the brunt of the worst of these diseases,” he said.



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