Pro-Life Activist: NARAL Co-Founder 'Holds the Keys' to 'Crush the Democratic Party'

A mother and daughter participate in a pro-choice rally in Missouri. (Joseph Sohm/

WASHINGTON — Terry Beatley, a pro-life activist who endorsed Donald Trump for president, said if voters knew the history of the pro-choice advocacy group NARAL it would “crush” the Democratic Party’s message on the hot-button issue of abortion.


Beatley explained that she had a chance to meet Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL), which was renamed the National Abortion Rights Action League, before he died of cancer in 2011. Under Nathanson’s leadership, NARAL’s advocacy efforts for a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion led to the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. Nathanson, an obstetrician and gynecologist, later became a pro-life activist after seeing the real-time ultrasound in use.

“America doesn’t know his story and who he is but he holds the keys for Donald J. Trump’s victory. This man, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, is the father of the modern-day abortion industry,” Beatley said during a “Moms4Trump” event at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., before Election Day. “Moms4Trump” is a group of women that campaigned for Trump in various swing states.

“Which candidate do you think NARAL has endorsed? Hillary Clinton. This doctor, four years before Roe v. Wade, he executed as the medical director and board member of NARAL an eight-point propaganda campaign to deceive our country that abortion is simply women’s healthcare — nothing is further than the truth. It was an eight-point marketing strategy and he deceived our country,” she added.

Beatley, founder and president of the Hosea Initiative, said Nathanson’s organization paved the way for the Roe v. Wade decision and has “cost the lives of 60 million children.” Nathanson served as the director of the Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health (CRASH), which used to be the largest abortion facility in the world. Beatley said Nathanson’s resignation letter from NARAL specifically mentioned his change of heart on the abortion issue.


“In it he says, what if we’ve been wrong? What an incalculable injustice would have occurred. My friends, we must first get life right and I’m telling you now with the courage and the boldness of Donald J. Trump, if he knew what I knew about this abortion industry, it would crush the Democratic Party,” she said. “We would see a Republican Party, the Frederick Douglass party, the Lincoln party, black, yellow, every color in between. We would be a united country.”

Martha Boneta, owner of Liberty Farm in Paris, Va., and a property-rights activist, also endorsed Trump at the event. Boneta’s advocacy led the Virginia state legislature to change several state laws on property rights in 2014.

“Ronald Reagan, like Donald J. Trump, energized the entire nation. He stood for principle, a bold, inspiring image for America, and that is the vision we still crave today,” she said. “We feel it in our hearts and our minds and it is within all of our grasps. It is this image and this message we need to shout from the rooftops and it is that same message that resonates with millions and millions of Americans when Donald J. Trump speaks.”

Boneta said American voters understand there is “no such thing as a free lunch.”

“There are no free birth control pills, no free medical insurance, no free cell phones and no free Big Macs, ladies and gentlemen,” she said. “Somebody pays for it and that someone is you and your families and all of us.”


Boneta continued, “When the government wolves are at your door chomping on your freedom, what will you do? We need to be strong and we need to stand strong.”

Chuck Smith, a GOP candidate for Virginia attorney general in 2017, said Republicans should not “sit back and watch” the Democrats mock conservative values such as limited government and lower taxes.

“What did we get? We got a $20 trillion debt,” he said. “…Our elected officials and liberals continue to mock us on our responsibilities, our morals and our values of fiscal and social responsibility.”


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