Texas Delegates Split on Whether Cruz Should Endorse Trump

CLEVELAND – Members of the Texas delegation interviewed by PJM at the Republican National Convention gave mixed responses when asked if former GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) should formally endorse GOP nominee Donald Trump.


Cruz has a speaking role on the convention stage but had yet to endorse Trump leading up to his address tonight. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) recently said it would be considered “betrayal” if Cruz does not endorse Trump.

“I was a very adamant Cruz supporter from the very beginning; I wasn’t just a convert, and I campaigned for him and did everything I could. And I’m very disappointed he dropped out of the race,” said Texas delegate Marcus Anderson. “With that being said, I would very much like for him to endorse Donald Trump.”

Others expressed a different view on the matter.

“I can’t. I don’t think it’s a decision or a recommendation for me to make,” Edward Elmer of the Texas delegation said.

Delegate Suzanne Guggenheim echoed Elmer.

“I think it’s difficult to speak for Senator Cruz. I think it has become so personal. Politically, I think he should. Personally, can he or not after what happened? I think it’s very personal and I don’t think anyone who’s not him can make that decision or even try,” she said.

Anna Farias told PJM that Cruz should give Trump an endorsement because he pledged to support the nominee along with the other GOP candidates.

“Yes, he should endorse him because when he was running everyone signed an oath that they would support whoever the nominee was. And in Texas we’re people of our own word – and, yes, he should endorse Trump,” she said.


Donnie Weisenbaker said the majority of the delegation is behind Trump, despite Cruz winning Texas and not endorsing Trump at this stage of the race.

“I’d hate to be presumptuous and tell you what Senator Cruz should or should not do, but I can only tell you I was bound for Cruz. I was a Cruz supporter, now then I am a Trump supporter. He’s our nominee. I feel like that’s the way the majority of the delegation feels. Now there may be some of those who don’t,” he said.

“I am talking people that were hardcore Cruz supporters – they know Trump is far, far better than Hillary Clinton. And besides that, I mean, the man has a pretty impressive record in the business world, you know, and I am certainly going to support him.”


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