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Media Celebrates Female Olympian Submitting to Islam

(AP Photo/Andrew Medichini, File)

Is there anything more ironic than the leftist media celebrating a submissive woman? The Huffington Post typifies the response to hijab-wearing Olympian fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad:

The New Jersey native said while growing up, she felt awkward playing other sports, such as track and volleyball, with her head, arms and legs covered.

“I would get stares,” Muhammad told the Los Angeles Times. “My skin color, my religion, made other people uncomfortable.”

“Fencing found me,” said the 30-year-old Olympian, who took up the sport when she was 13.

“I wanted a sport where I could be fully covered and I didn’t have to look different.”

“It’s a tough political environment we’re in right now. Muslims are under the microscope,” Muhammad said during the U.S. Olympic Committee summit in Los Angeles.

She said she was concerned whether she would be allowed to board her flight to make it to her Olympic qualifier.

Despite anti-Muslim rhetoric and Muhammad’s concerns, she is proud to identify as Muslim, black and female, she told Rolling Stone.

Of course, the hijab represents the systematic repression of women around the globe. But the leftist media is happy to ignore the real war on women to advance a narrative.