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Trump Confirms Plans to Oust Cruz and Kasich

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Those of us in the #NeverTrump camp have long recognized the freshly minted Republican presidential nominee as a complete fraud. From the start, his intentions have been to advance himself, and only himself. He doesn’t care about the Republican Party in the least, and certainly holds no regard for conservatism as such.

Trump has confirmed plans to direct resources against not Democrats, but conservative Senator Ted Cruz and moderate Governor John Kasich. The factor which binds these men, obviously, is their lack of support for Trump.

From Mediaite:

According to the recent Bloomberg report, Trump plans to funnel millions of dollars to take out his former campaign rivals the next time they run for office.

Now, naturally, the idea of the Republican nominee for President of the United States doing something that vindictive would be hard to believe, except for the fact that Trump confirmed it on Meet the Press

Video available at the link.

Trump’s candidacy has always been an insurgency. His supporters have falsely perceived that insurgency to be directed against the establishment. It is not, and has never been. Trump’s insurgency will target anyone and anything, discriminating only on the basis of whether it brings personal satisfaction to Donald Trump.

If Trump is elected, we can expect this trait to manifest in his conduct as president. He will fulfill his many promises to wield the power of the state against rivals and dissenters. The fact that Hillary Clinton will do the same does not absolve Trump, or excuse support for such an amoral human being.