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Libertarian Party Candidate Strips to Underwear at Convention

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

The Libertarian Party has reached a moment when it needs more than ever to be taken seriously. With the nomination of Gary Johnson and William Weld for president and vice president respectively, the only third party with ballot access in all 50 states has presented what may be its most credible ticket ever. Both Johnson and Weld stand as former Republican governors, each elected and re-elected in relatively blue states. With many Republican and Democrat voters feeling disaffected by the looming nominations of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Libertarian Party has a real chance to make unprecedented gains.

Into this moment, one candidate for chair of the Libertarian Party decided to do a striptease on the national convention stage. He danced to music and got down to his underwear. From the New York Daily News:

The political world will never know how well this tactic would have worked: As soon as he finished his dance, the contender told the crowd, “Sorry, it was a dare. I’m gonna go ahead and drop out.”

He walked off the stage as a convention manager called him an “ass” and “idiot.”

According to reports from the convention, the bare-all Libertarian entered the chairman race later and was not even listed on the party’s materials. Gawker identified the man as James Weeks.

The stunt was a vivid manifestation the counter-productive self-indulgence that many associate with third-party efforts. It’s unlikely something like this would ever happen at a major party convention. Even if someone tried, they would be stopped before it got far.

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