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New Orleans Musicians Planning Anti-Trump Protest

The Donald Trump candidacy continues to prompt detractors from every sphere. A planned rally for the Republican in New Orleans has attracted protest from a group of musicians. From OffBeat Magazine:

The musicians are gearing up for a second line protest at the entrance to the Lakefront Airport [the location of a Trump campaign rally on March 4th], where they will link up with other non-musical protesters that will be at the event. Those that would like to participate are encouraged to bring brass instruments and/or a festive spirit. The second line will begin at 5 p.m.

“We as musicians feel Donald Trump is the ultimate salesman,” says saxophonist Quay Frazier. “We refuse to be sold blanket statements and lies. People are angry because their wages have not risen in a generation, and they’re looking for a way out. Donald Trump is trying to capture this anger by putting the blame on Mexicans, Muslims, African-Americans, etc, but America is about love and was built by people of all shades and colors. Our music does not discriminate. Our mission is to trump Drumpf with trumpets [a reference to a recent segment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver], to overpower his hate speech with music of love. Let’s show him how it’s done!”

The protest highlights the perception among many that Trump’s campaign has been defined by bigotry and hatred. In the wake of controversy over Trump’s hesitation to condemn David Duke and the Klu Klux Klan, some have pointed out that Hillary Clinton and other Democrats have ties to the hate group. However, those connections have failed to resonate beyond the Trump choir.