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Kerry Complains That Clinton Email Probe Has 'Tied Up' Diplomats

Poor Secretary of State John Kerry recently complained that the ongoing investigations into Hillary Clinton’s used of private email servers for storage of classified information has be “tying up international diplomats.” From the Washington Examiner:

“We have more than 50 … simultaneous investigations going on, and we have an unprecedented number of FOIA requests,” Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “I have had to cannibalize bureaus to get people to go spend their time on these requests.”

“I’m concerned about it because this is tying up international diplomats,” he said…

Kerry was pressed by Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., about how much the effort has cost. Kerry said he didn’t know, but said the few million Congress has provided isn’t enough yet.

Perhaps, on top of the criminal charges Clinton may eventually face, she should also be billed for the expense required to investigate her wrongdoing. God knows she could afford it.