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Sorry, Idaho. Things Were So Bad in 'Woke' Places That a Record Number of People Are Fleeing to Spud Country

Sorry, Idaho. Things Were So Bad in 'Woke' Places That a Record Number of People Are Fleeing to Spud Country
Jyoni Shuler, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Idaho’s state motto is Esto Perpetua, or, in English, “It shall be perpetual.” That may well characterize the state’s population situation in the Pandemic Year of Our Lord, 2021.


Idaho realized the highest percentage increase in population in 2021 in America: 2.9%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Idaho had the fastest annual and cumulative population increase, growing by 2.9% (53,151) in the last year, and by 3.4% (61,817) since April 1, 2020.
Idaho made modest gains from natural increase (4,398) and net international migration (413); however, the main driver of its fast increase was net domestic migration (48,876).

Not only is Idaho the largest grower of potatoes in the land, but it’s also the largest grower of lentils in the world, along with, wait for it, hops. It boasts American Wagyu beef production. No wonder people are flocking there. Beer, french fries, and steak in one spot? This isn’t just spud country, it’s paradise. You can see it from Heaven’s Gate, which overlooks Hell’s Canyon and three other states.

But Idaho is also famous for what those woke places aren’t: granting citizens a little credit for being able to conduct their own lives without unnecessary government COVID mandates. Governor Brad Little has sued to stop the Biden Administration’s draconian COVID rules, calling them an “unprecedented government overreach into Americans’ lives and businesses.”

That kind of talk isn’t just common sense, it’s foreplay.

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Away from the cities, the families who have sought a simpler, cheaper, freer way of life have swarmed Idaho.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

And from whence are they fleeing? According to the Census Bureau stats, people are stampeding away from areas overflowing with our “elite betters,” such as California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.

As I’ve reported, when it comes to pure numbers, Texas, Florida, and Arizona had more people flock to them, but in terms of percentage increase, Idaho was in the top spot. And the new residents are not all friendly. I heard one California transplant to Texas complaining the other day that the Texas governor was unenlightened, which, in this context, translated to government doesn’t pay for your personal choices. Oy.

So, we’re sorry to report to our freedom-loving friends in spud country that company is coming.  And some of these folks may be bringing their blue-state, Democrat, freedom-sucking Leftist values with them.

You may not want to open the door when the bell rings.

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