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Jussie Smollett's Race Hoax Joins a List of HUNDREDS of Other Fake 'Hate Crimes.' Here Are Just 8...

Jussie Smollett's Race Hoax Joins a List of HUNDREDS of Other Fake 'Hate Crimes.' Here Are Just 8...
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A jury has now confirmed what police (local, state, and federal), Dave Chappelle, and you knew all along: that Jussie Smollett perpetrated a fake hate crime, hung his friends out to dry, and tried to blame everything on Donald Trump. Jussie may as well have said, “But … but … but … MAGA! But Trump! C’mon, guys, don’t you believe me?”


It turns out that the only ones who believed Jussie Smollett’s fake “beating” by his accomplices were Black Lives Matter because the group hates the police more than it hates lying to the American people.

Well, it turns out that Americans are getting wise to fake hate crimes. In fact, there are so few real hate crimes that people like Jussie Smollett have to make them up. Or, as a commentator Clay Travis  once said of Jussie in 2019, “The demand for racist hate far exceeds the supply of any racist hate incidents. Because of this, we are seeing one racial hoax charade after another.”

So few hate crimes exist that not only do Leftists have to make them up, they have to redefine what racism is (see critical race theory for an example of how they do this). All of a sudden racial profiling is back! But this time it’s “good.” Black Lives Matter said so. And if you don’t agree, they and their Antifa fellow travelers will burn your house down.

There are so many fake hate crimes that several databases have been launched to keep track of them. The best one I’ve seen was recommended by PJ Media colleague Kevin Downey, Jr. . It is called, coincidentally enough,

There probably are real hate crimes out there. There are racist people out there; the KKK, wherever they are, have nothing on BLM and CRT promulgators.

Let’s pick eight of the phony hate crimes you may have read about recently and later wondered, “Gee, whatever happened to … ?”


But before we get underway, the thing you realize very quickly is that fake hate crimes occur in the wokest of woke places, such as high schools and colleges. It makes you wonder if maybe we should simply shut down the hate factories to stop the children from being scandalized by crimes they never even imagined before until someone made them up.

Providence College

Black Providence College students were caught writing racial slurs on other people’s cars , but not before the closest thing to a perpetual motion machine, the outrage factory, cranked up and students demanded safe spaces.

East Carolina University

Let’s get whitey seems to be the motivation behind a fake fraternity party flyer posted last August on social media that announced “no blacks” would be allowed. The black student who posted it was busted two months later. He probably won’t be invited to any more parties.

Emory University

As the Hate Crime Hoax database notes, the outrage factory kicked into high gear and school officials swore they would hunt down the New Orleans area hate criminals and avenge the intolerable crime. A man who once worked at Emory University was found to be the culprit. He’s black.

Tortilla Attack Falls Flat

In the dreamy beachy town of Coronado, California, “white fans threw shame tortillas” at a largely Hispanic basketball team. But wait. It turns out that the tortillas were thrown by a grown man — who’s  Hispanic, a CRT advocate, and a union activist. And it was later revealed, well after the outrage machine was oiled and purring, that the fake hate crime was staged to stoke support for CRT, which was being foisted upon the students and fought by parents.

Rep. Cori Bush’s Hate Letter

Last July, “squad” member Cori Bush showed her social media followers a screenshot of an alleged death threat. We don’t doubt for a moment that Bush, as well as every other representative and senator, get hate mail and death threats, but the screenshot appeared to have been on an unsubmitted contact form, not one she, uh, actually received.

Dorm Room Demo Part 1

Last June, someone set fire to a student’s dorm room at Viterbo University in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. The black, now former, student admitted she’d set fire to her own room. Perhaps a call to the folks telling them you’d rather not go to college is a better alternative next time.

Dorm Room Demo Part 2

Last June, a Wayne State University student was shocked to discover that someone had thrown eggs at her dorm room door. Police were immediately pressed into service to look into this hate crime and … stop me if you predicted this … it turns out that the cops believe the victim was actually running for a Black Student Union office and thought being a brave victim of a race crime would burnish her bona fides.

Professor Me Too

Though we may be on the cusp of the end of the #MeToo movement after the Cuomo brothers did their Robespierre star turn and were summarily executed in this Reign of Terror, this story must be highlighted.

The untenured professor of neuroscience at Vanderbilt University admits setting up a fake Twitter account of “an apparently nonexistent female Native American anthropologist at Arizona State University (ASU) who had claimed to be an anonymous victim of sexual harassment by a Harvard professor.” But it doesn’t end there. Then she killed off the fake anthropologist’s Twitter account by giving her COVID.


When worlds collide…

Far from being a clearinghouse for fake hate crimes, this database may be in reality a place where the Jussie Smolletts of the world go to get ideas.

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