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HUGE: People Who Know About Self-Defense Against Leftist Mobs Are in Kenosha to Support Kyle Rittenhouse

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Kyle Rittenhouse just received a show of support from two people who also defended themselves against the mob. And it sends a huge message.

Inside the courthouse Tuesday morning, the final 12 jurors received the Rittenhouse self-defense case and began deliberations. Rittenhouse is charged with five serious crimes for killing or wounding three men during the Kenosha riots on Aug. 25, 2020.

Outside the courthouse, it’s beginning to look like a circus. Black Lives Matter protesters on their bullhorns are shouting, “No justice, no peace,” veiled threats of violence, and “Black Lives Matter.” It’s not known if the jury can hear the loudspeakers or if they saw the almost life-sized poster depicting Rittenhouse with KKK on it.

Cameras also captured Mark and Patricia McCloskey outside the courthouse, and they said they’d probably be there until the jury reaches a verdict.

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The McCloskeys became infamous when they defended their property with guns after hundreds of protesters broke into their gated community while hunting for the mayor’s house.

Mark McCloskey told reporters outside the Kenosha Courthouse that they came to support Rittenhouse, telling reporters why he was there, though he doesn’t know Rittenhouse.

I have no relationship. I’m just an American citizen. I’m Mark McCloskey from St. Louis, and we’re just here to support people who exercise their second amendment rights to defend themselves, particularly when the government abdicates that duty and fails to protect its citizens. If you defund the police, and the government is not there to protect the citizens, citizens have to protect themselves.

He also said that he and his wife would be there throughout the day because he believes a verdict will come today even though “I don’t know [what it will be], we haven’t been in there to hear all the evidence.” He continued, “but what we understand and what I’ve seen, I’m hoping for acquittal on all counts. We’re going to be out here till we get a verdict, I suspect.”

It’s unknown whether the show of support will help or hurt Rittenhouse’s case in the court of public opinion, but it will probably enrage a few lefties.

McCloskey is running for the Senate in Missouri. He told Fox News that the Rittenhouse prosecution was “politically prosecuted, as were we, and we’re hoping that the jury find him not guilty on all counts and that he can go home a free man.”

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