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Antifa Activist Sues Portland Police for Livestreaming and Showing Faces of Rioters

Antifa Activist Sues Portland Police for Livestreaming and Showing Faces of Rioters
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Only in Portland. The Portland judicial system, such as it is, has just thrown in with the antifa and BLM “snitches get stitches” crowd.

A woman who’s “a regular fixture in Portland’s protest scene” has successfully sued the Portland Police Bureau for livestreaming video of the 2020 and 2021 riots.


Despite the riots being shown live on all manner of social media, the antifa-friendly judge claimed that police live-streaming the riots broke a state law.

The ACLU of Oregon said the Multnomah County case was a huge win for common sense. “We are pleased that Judge Ryan was willing to apply Oregon law in a commonsense way to protect our right to protest without fear of government surveillance or government-supported doxing.”

KGW TV reports that the state law “prohibits police from collecting or maintaining information about the political, religious or social views, associations or activities of people who are not suspected of criminal activity.” The judge believed that livestreaming fell under the law.

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The woman who brought the lawsuit, Marie Tyvoll, wasn’t camera shy.  She was a front-and-center member of the protests and riots. The 60-year-old woman gave “mutual aid” and supposedly ran a “medical tent” to help rioters and was often the subject of protest photos where she was seen wearing a pair of goggles and other gear during the “summer of love.”

During the tumultuous summer of protests, fires, looting, and riots, Tyvoll would be seen in videos and live streams holding up photos of a young boy who she said was her son. Her son was alive and well and never the victim of police violence, according to an Oregonian reporter, but she held up photos of him to garner sympathy and support.


Here she is again.

Here’s Tyvoll posing for the cameras on social media.

Yet, Tyvoll said she was shocked that police would livestream her face during the riots and protests.

When I showed up to support Black Lives at a protest, I did not expect that the police would invest so much time, money, and energy in broadcasting my face over the internet. Standing up to injustice is important to me; having my own government deliberately put me at risk for broadcasting my location and political stance — known as ‘doxxing’ — is unbelievable.


Of course, antifa and BLM are well known for doxxing, chasing, and violently attacking people who take their photos. Ask Mike Strickland and Andy Ngo.

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Though Tyvoll’s case was done pro bono, she could have easily afforded to pay her attorneys. Besides protesting, suing appears to be another hobby. In 2018, the litigious activists sued the Portland Public Schools, claiming to be a whistleblower, and received a $400,000+ settlement when she was fired from her school coordinator position. In 2020, she also sued the City of Portland over a public records request. Earlier this year, Tyvoll sued the City of Portland over a homeless camp clean-up.

Activists grub for money on her behalf for protest support.

The anti-police Portland City Council supports police wearing body cams. It’s unclear if this local decision puts in jeopardy plans to use them. Portland is one of the few bigger city police departments that doesn’t use them. The police union, initially concerned about using the body-worn cameras, now enthusiastically supports their use.

Marie Tyvoll isn’t camera shy, as has been amply proven. She just doesn’t want the cops to snap her photo.


We at PJ Media are in favor of legal protest and individual civil rights.

It’s unclear if the City of Portland will appeal this ruling. They probably will let that local judge’s decision stand without a fight. As we all know by now, the City’s arc of “justice” always bends in favor of antifa.



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