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The Ultimate Troll: Hollywood Gets a Triggering, In-Your-Face Close-Up of Trump and It's Glorious

Trump sign over Hollywood. Image from Twitter.

Los Angeles County crews must have set a speed record getting up the hill overlooking the 405 freeway to remove a gigantic TRUMP sign that probably triggered every Hollywood leftist for miles and miles around.

Someone, probably several someones, erected a massive sign on a hill east of the 405 near the Sepulveda Pass north of Sunset Boulevard. The area is prime real estate, reaching hundreds of thousands of eyeballs with reach well beyond the physical area.

And what they saw was the ultimate trigger for Leftists.

It was huge.

The following tweet contains video of the provocateurs erecting the sign.

The Trump sign appeared sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning and caused quite a stir.

By 9am it had been taken down. Twitter user and Newsmax host Rob Schmitt says that must have been some kind of record.

City of LA – which can’t put up a stop sign in under 3 years – took this down within hours. Had it said BLM it would’ve received immediate protected monument status.

That could be true. BLM and antifa rioters and protesters have spent months – years – tearing down statues, while at the same time being held up as the nation’s moral compasses. New York, D.C., and other cities have painted huge BLM signs on public property to honor the group.

This aerial shot shows just how massive the Hollywood-like sign was by dwarfing the crew members sent to take it down.

CBS News in LA wondered if artist provocateur Sabo was behind the huge sign.

Los Angeles is famously liberal, but this is not the first time conservative street art has popped up and caused outrage. A conservative street artist known as Sabo last year altered billboards for the Quentin Tarantino film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” so it would read “Once Upon A Time in Pedowood,” and put up posters that said “The Oscars Have No Hart” after comedian Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting the annual awards show after old, anti-gay tweets surfaced.

But the street artist told PJ Media, nope, it wasn’t him, though he enthused, “I thought it was awesome.”

It would have never occurred to me to do a huge TRUMP sign like that. Too cheerleadery, not enough SPANK. I’d rather attack a politician than endorse one. But I’m happy someone did. Shows they love him. The whole Cruz thing was a bit of a fluke that took off. I thought it was awesome. I wish I could have been there to help and I’m glad that I wasn’t because then it would have been about me doing it. I hope it was random admirers of the president. That would mean so much more than some group who got paid to do it.

People who hate Trump gloried in the fact that he stands no chance of winning California, but that misses the point.

It was a troll to the haters and a boon to his growing number of supporters in the Golden State at the same time.

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