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Official Tries to Explain New Tennis Rules But Things Go Hilariously South at the Ball Handling Part

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Nassau County, Long Island, Executive Laura Curran was holding a presser about the county’s new coronavirus tennis rules and let’s just say things got hilariously, ah, out of hand.

Sure, fine, maybe we’re just hopelessly sophomoric, but there is something incredibly satisfying about seeing a straight-laced official trying not to sound scandalous when speaking of kicking other people’s balls. Go ahead and see if you can do that.

Repeat after me.

You can “kick their balls but you can’t touch them.”

Aw shucks, we’re all “blushing.”

The New York County officials and the police chief collected for the COVID-19 presser attempted to hide their snickering but failed.

The suggestion of ball marking got them going.

To avoid confusion between whose balls are whose, you can use a sharpie to put an X or someone’s initials on them.

In addition to kicking, but not touching, other people’s balls, the new rules allow only for singles play, separated by the width of another tennis court from other players. Oh, and for goodness’ sake, bring your own balls.

Curran indicated she was “blushing” but simply couldn’t escape the verbal foot faults about balls.

We can’t wait for her discussion of the new baseball rules about shagging balls.

Let the games begin.

The new tennis rules begin at 9:40 in the video.

LIVENOW: County Executive Curran holds COVID-19 briefing

Posted by Nassau County Executive Laura Curran on Friday, May 15, 2020