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Media Backlash to Trump-Backed Meds for COVID-19 Shows That He 'Could Find a Cure' And Still Get Bad Press

This Monday, April 6, 2020, photo shows an arrangement of hydroxychloroquine pills in Las Vegas. President Donald Trump and his administration kept up their out-sized promotion Monday of an malaria drug not yet officially approved for fighting the new coronavirus, even though scientists say more testing is needed before it’s proven safe and effective against COVID-19. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Ever since President Trump uttered the words “chloroquine” and “hydroxychloroquine” there has been a backlash by the media the likes of which we haven’t seen since – well, since they insisted Trump was a Russian secret agent.

But, just like the Ruskie spook hoax, the worm is turning on the media response to the promising use of the malaria medication for COVID-19 that Trump has espoused.

“JUST IN: Gov. Cuomo: Use of antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine in New York hospitals ‘anecdotally’ positive”

Oh, well if the New York Governor says it’s working for some patients, then that’s different.

The New York Times reports that using the medicine is getting results in defeating COVID-19. Well then.

This therapy could help, and yet the media has had such an issue with the president wanting to try it.

Twitter user Dara Tancredi pointed out that Trump has literally had to battle to try this medication and all he’s gotten is grief for it. And that reminded her of something.

“Used to think it was a joke ‘If Trump found a cure for Cancer, the media would have a problem with it’ And yet, here we are.”

Joe Biden is the only politician who has actually promised a cure for cancer — but only if you hire him as president.

Obviously, there have been no long-term studies to determine if the malaria medication is a “cure” for COVID-19, but the media incessantly criticize Trump for just wanting to “try” it.

Do you doubt it? Has the media role in this national drama fallen into the nation’s collective memory hole already? A massive case of newsheimers?

Twitter-user Drew Holden didn’t forget. He took notes. And photos. Lots of photos. He put them in a glorious thread on Twitter, a portion of which I’ll post here.

Holden points out that CNN accused the president of  peddling “unsubstantiated hope in dark times.”

Twitter even got into the act and dashed in to save people from the Bad Orange Man.

The New Yorker called Trump a “quack” and that viewpoint prevailed.

The Boston Globe said it was time to shut down Trump for the nation’s good. Grab that microphone.

And NBC took particular umbrage that Trump would insult its reporter because – pffft – that’s what the real story is.

“And, of course, who could be surprised to see Chinese propaganda gold medal leader @NBCNews make the list.”

There were even a couple of governors with such hatred of Trump that they refused to let doctors try the malaria meds on seriously ill patients upon pain of punishment. This goes to prove that Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is worse than fear of COVID-19.

For a group of people who constantly bash Trump for “not believing in science,” as Bernie Sanders (and millions of other Leftists) have put it, they sure don’t have much faith in it.