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Democrat Says Don't Worry, if We Don't Get Trump This Time We'll Try It Again in 2020

Democrat Says Don't Worry, if We Don't Get Trump This Time We'll Try It Again in 2020
Rep. Karen Bass (via YouTube video screenshot)

Well, well, well. It’s not like we didn’t think Democrats were incapable of trying to impeach President Donald Trump a second time, but it still catches your breath a bit when they say it out loud.

Los Angeles area Congresswoman Karen Bass told TMZ’s Harvey Levin that not only would they try to impeach Trump again if he wins in 2020, but their seek-and-destroy mission will probably uncover even more information that could show “he’s owned and operated by the Russians.”

Bass told TMZ that the articles of impeachment will probably be different the second time around because of all the dirt they’ll dig up on Trump:

…[I]t might not be the same articles of impeachment because the odds are we’d have a ton more information.  [H]e probably has other examples of criminal behavior.

Democrats have come up with two articles of impeachment. They’ve accused President Trump of “abuse of power” a catch-all, which is a Democratic Rorschach test for any impure motives they imagine the president to have. Or, as ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee Doug Collins characterized it, “amorphous.”

The other charge is “obstruction of Congress” because only nine White House officials testified but not ten others. Democrats could have fought Trump’s decision in court but didn’t, instead choosing to include it is an impeachment article.

Collins was shaking his head,

There’s nothing that has actually come close to an impeachable offense. They’ve been telling the American people he’s committed a crime for three months and this is what we get?

Don’t worry, Doug, the Resistance vows to get Trump the next time.