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Biden Just Called an Iowa Voter 'Fat' and a 'Damn Liar' – So This Whole 'No Malarkey Tour' Is Going Great

Twitter screenshot of Joe Biden's "No Malarkey" bus.

It’s been quite a week on the Joe Biden “No Malarkey Bus Tour” through Iowa.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s bus tour has been nothing less than a series of cringeworthy political car crashes.

The tour began with Biden awkwardly pretending to bite at his wife fingers as she gesticulated during a stump speech.

It continued as the rest of Biden’s truly ew-inspiring comments from a 2017 swimming pool dedication were uncovered. This was the speech in which Biden talked about “bad dude” “Cornpop’s” pomade, his hairy legs, and how much he loved having children jump on his lap.

Now this.

In what could be best described as yet another spasm of political Tourette’s, Biden — in one single exchange — called a male Iowa voter “a damn liar” and gave him the moniker “Fat.”

Biden: “Look, Fat, look. Here’s the deal.”

“Fat”:  “It doesn’t look like you have any more backbone than Trump does …”

In the testy exchange, Biden looked the man up and down, insinuated that the man spent too much time in front of the TV, and challenged him to a push-up contest. And it was all because the guy had the temerity to ask Biden about getting his son, Hunter, a job at a Ukrainian oil company. Biden dismissed the man as a “damn liar.”

Memo to Iowa caucus voters: If you plan to ask Biden a question about Hunter Biden and his $50,000-per-month Ukraine no-show job, you’d better be in shape and ready to drop and give him 20.

Watch the full and awkward exchange below: