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Judge Judy Backs Bloomberg, Says She Wants 'The Greatest President'

Michael Bloomberg, Founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies, arrives for the 74th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

On Tuesday, retired Manhattan family court judge Judy Sheindlin, known for her reality TV role as Judge Judy, endorsed former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. She hailed Bloomberg as an example of the American dream and said she picked him because she wants “the greatest president.”

“I felt as if it was time for America, which is the greatest country in the world, to have the greatest president, for a while. Not a place card, not a revolution, because I don’t think this country needs a revolution,” Sheindlin said on The View.

“And when I looked at the field of 2020 candidates … there was no other voice for me other than the voice of someone who has experience in governance, second only to the president of the United States — because New York City has the most diverse population of anyplace else except the United States of America,” Judge Judy added.

She insisted that when Bloomberg was mayor, “There was a good feeling, it was a feeling that things run effectively and efficiently.”

Sheindlin extolled the former mayor as “a brilliant, self-made guy who runs and manages thousands of people and has for thirty years. He’s a philanthropist, not just a today philanthropist … He’s been supporting things that we all care about — gun control and climate change, and spending his money to do that.”

Bloomberg, who entered the presidential race late and faces stiff criticism that he is trying to buy the Democratic nomination by dropping a cool $120 million on ads, also faces an FEC complaint because Bloomberg News — the media outlet the candidate owns — has announced it will investigate the Trump administration while refraining from investigating any Democrat in the 2020 race. An inveterate foe of soda, the former mayor is notorious for insisting that the government should tax the poor for their own good.

Judge Judy insisted that accusing Bloomberg of merely trying to buy the election would be an injustice.

“I think that to define Mike Bloomberg as just another rich guy is one of the greatest injustices of this political campaign that we’re in because Mike Bloomberg is the only one of the candidates who has experience governing and managing and successful and if he’s successful and happened to have made money being successful, that folks, is the American dream,” she said.

Bloomberg has indeed earned his success, but he has earned infamy, as well. As for his chances of becoming “the greatest president,” I wouldn’t hold my breath. Then again, it makes a perverse kind of sense that a former family court judge would back the nanny-state candidate…

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