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'Shut Down DC' Climate Protesters Start a Dumpster Fire

'Shut Down DC' Climate Protesters Start a Dumpster Fire
Twitter screenshot of Dumpster fire in Washington, D.C.

On Monday morning, a group of climate change activists gathered to block traffic into Washington, D.C., in an attempt to “Shut Down DC.” The activists likely increased the carbon emissions in the capital city by stalling people’s daily commutes, but they also set a fire in a dumpster on Massachusetts Avenue. Yes, this dumpster fire of a protest also involved a literal dumpster fire.

Local Kelsey G. posted a photo of the fire on Twitter.

The “Shut Down DC” protest made commutes even worse in a city known for bad commutes — Washington, D.C. was built on two separate grids, so driving in and out of the city has always been a mess.

While the protesters intended to frustrate the rich and powerful, it is far more likely they inconvenienced everyday citizens more than the elites. Elites in Washington, D.C., can make their own schedules, while employees lower on the totem pole are often required to arrive at work exactly at 8 or 9 a.m. Protesters did not shut down the Metro, at least not yet.

Worse, the protests blocked doctors and nurses on their way in to work, and likely also got in the way of people driving to the hospital in an emergency — despite the protest’s goals to avoid inconveniencing people in emergency situations.

Let’s not forget the glitter activists are littering the streets of D.C.

The protest is also connected to the Climate Strike movement launched by Swedish teen Greta Thunberg, who rose to fame thanks in part to a financier who stands to gain if governments choose to “go green” and award the Climate-Industrial Complex lucrative government contracts.

The dumpster fire is a fitting symbol for “Shut Down DC.” Thankfully for both the safety of D.C. residents and the good of the environment, firefighters put it out. Police should take a lesson from these firefighters and put out the dumpster fire that is “Shut Down DC.”

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