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Double Standard: Twitter Refuses to Remove Jim Carrey's Heinous Abortion Tweet

Last week, after Gov. Kay Ivey (R-Ala.) signed Alabama’s abortion bill challenging Roe v. Wade (1973), actor Jim Carrey tweeted an image of her being brutally murdered in a suction abortion. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) rightly called Carrey out for this heinous artwork, urging Americans to civility in politics.

“I think If you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama,” Carrey tweeted on Saturday.

“This is not OK,” Cruz responded on Monday. “Today’s Left: vicious, angry & consumed by hate. Instead of insults & dehumanizing rage, we should return to civility. I disagree w/ Carrey’s politics, but believe we should respect his humanity nonetheless. I wish he could reciprocate.” Cruz added a hashtag: #LoveIsStrongerThanHate.

Many conservatives have called on Twitter to remove the photo or suspend Carrey, but the social media platform has not acted.

“The extreme double standard of [Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey] & [Twitter] on full, gross display here,” Lila Rose, founder and president of LiveAction, tweeted. “[Jim Carrey] publicly wishes death on someone and posts a gory photo of them being killed. He explicitly promotes a very violence that kills almost 1M people a year in the United States. & zero response.”

African pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha mockingly congratulated Carrey for admitting that abortion is gruesome, evocative of a serial killer.

“At least you seem to know how grisly an abortion is,” Ekeocha tweeted. “Your image is accurate down to the abortionist’s cannula suctioning out the brain matter of the fetus, sort of like a serial killer at work. Bravo Jim Carry, you do know what an abortion looks like. Bravo!”

Actress and singer Kaya Jones merely expressed her disgust at Carrey’s abortion activism. “You were one of my favorite actors. Honestly I’m disgusted by your lack of respect for the image is what happens to babies. They are sucked out of the mother. Shame on you Jim,” Jones tweeted.

Jim Carrey is a professing Christian who has said that suffering is the path to redemption, yet he has expressed belief in universalistic interpretations far outside of traditional Christian doctrine. Christian leaders said the actor had lost his moral authority by endorsing abortion.

“Dear [Jim Carrey], you’ve successfully destroyed your voice and you’ve shown the true brutality of abortion and the evil hatred of those that stand for it. You used to be funny. Now your just a vicious jerk,” Greg Locke, a Tennessee pastor, tweeted.

Franklin Graham, president and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, condemned the actor’s art as “sick.”

“Jim Carrey’s tweet w/his drawing showing [Kay Ivey] being aborted is just sick. But it shows that he knows beyond any doubt that abortion is the taking of another person’s life—murder,” Graham tweeted Tuesday.

It seems tragic and ironic that an outspoken Christian like Jim Carrey would not only defend abortion, but demonize women like Kay Ivey who set out to protect the lives of the unborn. His tweet did indeed seem inspired by a heart turning “vicious, angry & consumed by hate.” Rather than arguing against pro-lifers like Kay Ivey, Carrey dehumanized her.

Worse, he seemingly advocated for Ivey’s murder, and Twitter seems to believe this is acceptable behavior on the platform, even though it has blocked physicians, conservatives, and feminists for the “hate speech” of expressing disagreement with transgender activism.

Cruz was right to speak up, and the rising chorus of voices might make Jack Dorsey and Jim Carrey reconsider. But don’t hold your breath.

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